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Potty Training FAQ’s | All You Need to Know

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We have almost covered all the necessary information about the process of potty training. If you haven’t gone through it, then before going through the Potty Training FAQ’s, read the series here:

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You’ll find a lot of helpful information here. If anything is left, you are going to find it here, in this article.

Potty Training FAQ’s

1- How to help a constipated child during potty training?

If you have followed the tip of “stocking up fiber-rich foods and plenty of fluids” then you may not face a lot of difficulties.

If your child is having constipation, which is possible, feed him/her with fiber-rich food such as apples and figs.

My own personal favorites are Apples, Figs, Honey, or 1 teaspoon of warm Desi Ghee. These foods trigger immediate bowel movements for my daughter.

Besides these foods, you must get your child moving, giving him/her lots of fluids, encouraging him to exercise, and using petroleum jelly.

At least 1 of these things will definitely help.

2- What to do if the toddler is not sitting on the potty seat?

If the child does so, you should make sure that you have followed the tips of “making your child familiar to the potty seat first and/or letting him/her choose the seat” (Again, if you haven’t read the articles listed above, then you should.)

If the child is already familiar with the seat, this might not happen.

Still, you are facing the same problem, then try distracting, making things fun by signing songs or poems or offering rewards, etc.

If not, you shouldn’t force him/her, give some more time to adjust.

The little brain might be getting overwhelmed.

3- How to know that the baby is not ready for toilet training?

You may have gone through the articles about “How to know that the baby is ready for the potty training.”

If the child has not shown these developmental and behavioral signs, then you shouldn’t even start the process but if you feel so during the process that your evaluation was not right and your child is not ready for the process, then you should quit immediately.

Remember, don’t get discouraged and make your mind think that the baby is not ready. Look for the real signs and symptoms.

4- How to deal with the siblings who interrupt in the process of potty training?

You better have open communication with the siblings, if they are able to understand, about your planning.

Excite them about the process and you can also have their help. If not, you can take the help of your partner or caregivers to engage them. Daddy may take them to grandparents or to a park, sometimes.

( This is why I like The Bare Bottom Method“, you can engage other siblings in some activities for a few hours and then return to them after the training because you can’t engage them for straight 3 days.)

Tip: If you have set up any playground in your house, you can engage other siblings for countless hours.

5 best play-sets for the indoor playground)

5- When the child will learn to poop in toilet?

Here comes a very important question! The child may learn to pee in no time, maybe!. But what about the poo.

Children usually get afraid of the poo when being toiled trained.

You should allow the child to ask for a diaper when they need to poo. (to discourage constipation, feed the child with enough fiber-rich foods and fluids).

When the child asks for the diaper you can take him/her to the potty seat and pack him/her in a diaper. When he/she poops, throw the poo in the potty seat, disgusting hah? but we can’t run away!

Show the child the real place of the poo and ask her to try to poo on the seat. Ask politely.

6- Do boys take more time to be potty trained?

Boys vs. girls? Boys tend to have much more aggressive behavior and they can’t sit in one place for longer. So they might take a little longer.

All you can do is to have strong communication and give them a little more time to become successful.

You have to work on their focus to avoid distraction.

7- How to find the perfect method of potty training for the child?

There are so many methods out there to choose from but you have to choose according to your own child’s age, behavior, and your own time commitments.

I’ve drafted a table to let you choose the best method according to the age of the child.

8- Can I potty train my child in 3 days?

Yes, it is possible. You can train your child within 3 days but the process comes with a lot of difficulties.

Prepare yourself and your child’s mind, complete all other tasks, gather all supplies, and start training. You can take help from the parent’s camp resource. They have some awesome material to help you out.

9- Should I start the night time potty-training right away?

No, you shouldn’t. Don’t make that little mind overwhelmed.

When you will start the nighttime training right away, it can disturb the kid’s sleep and you will end up having a more aggressive and non-cooperative child.

Nighttime training should start anywhere around 4 years of age.

10- How to potty train special children?

You should not force special children to be trained. Give them a bunch more time and seek professional help when starting their training.

11- What are the most important factors to consider while potty training?

The most important factors to be considered are “if your child is mentally prepared? Have you gathered all the supplies? and is the environment suitable for the training?”

12- My child was potty trained but he/she starting having accidents again?

If the child is potty trained but again started having accidents then there might be some reasons behind it.

The child might need attention, or he/she is having some busy time playing with friends and forget about the bathroom visit.

The weather might be too cold.

If the accidents are occasional, that’s fine but if the child has totally reversed then you can try the training again because it is not a one-time thing, it’s a process.

Still facing difficulties, the kid is not being trained again, you should see a doctor.

13- Should I seek help in potty training my child?

Yes, getting some help is a good idea. I drafted all these articles to help you out. Make sure to read all of them at least 2 times and then make a start.

Another answer to the same question! It is often asked about the help of other caregivers and nannies.

You can seek help from other caregivers or nannies but make sure that the child is comfortable with the person. Do not hire a new nanny to help you out during the potty training.

14- What problems should I expect during potty training?

You can face a lot of accidents, aggressive behavior of children, a lot of mess, and a lot of tiredness.

15- Can I stop potty training if I feel it’s not going to work?

If you are thinking to stop because you are tired or you think that it is not going to work, then you shouldn’t. because this time will pass and you will get a good return for your hard work.

But there are certain conditions when you should stop right away.

If you or your child is not feeling well, means anyone of you fell sick or there is some family urgency.

16- How to maintain my patience level during the training?

You should start when you are ready.

Praises and rewards shouldn’t only go to the child. You also deserve a reward for each success.

You should choose the Bare Bottom method instead of some “train in days” method.

Do not start the training when you are not feeling well, both mentally or physically.

If you will take care of your own self and make the process fun for you too then you are very less likely to lose your patience level.

17- What if I do not potty train my child?

Potty training comes with a lot of positive outcomes like more independence and comfort.

A lot of money-saving is also an outcome but still if you do not want to potty train, that is also fine. It’s your choice.

Children get trained with age, not everyone trains the children but the kids get trained somehow. so it’s not a problem. Enjoy!

Still, have any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask in the comments.

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