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Potty Training Essentials | Must-Have Things

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If you are reading this, it means you have already decided to potty train and you are nowhere to know what are potty training essentials.

You are in the right place. I will not only tell you the things that are important for the process but will arrange the best of them available on Amazon.

Having all the essentials in hand will help you in making the process of potty training more smooth and effective.

Note down the following things and keep them in hand before starting the training.

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1- Potty Chairs

Potty chairs are smaller versions of real toilet commodes. Potty chairs are easily accessible for kids and they will definitely love them.

Potty chairs are available in every size and so many colors but they will take space and you will need to clean them. A potty chair is the very first and most important potty training essential.

2- Potty Seats

Potty seats are seat reducers. You can place it on the original commode seat to reduce its size and make it suitable for kids.

The benefit is that you don’t need to clean and they don’t take space but you can’t keep it near the child.

The baby needs to go to the toilet which is quite impossible in the beginning. So, it is suggested to use the potty chair in the beginning and switch to the potty seat later on, when your child develops enough control of the bladder.

Buy the seats with a built-in ladder so you don’t have to buy a separate step stool.

3- Training pants

Training pants are reusable underwears with some padding inside.

They can save from small leakings while giving a feeling of wetness to the baby. Training pants are an economical choice when switching from diapers to pants.

Training pants are also available in disposable form but they are expensive and almost similar to diapers. But somehow, some parents choose disposable training pants for nighttime.

4- Easy to remove Pants:

Unless you are following the Bare-Bottom method of potty training, you should stock up at least 10-20 pants that are easy to remove and easy to pull up.

Avoid any kind of clothes that are not easy to remove like rompers or zippers.

In this way, the child will not have to hold on to the bladder for longer.

Shorts and sleeping pajamas will be great.

5- Step-stool or the faucet extender for washing hands

Little hands are not gonna reach the sink to wash them up.

So you’ll have to arrange a step stool or the faucet extender or both to make the task doable for children.

6- Extra water proof sheets or Mattress sheets

If your child will be sitting anywhere in the house during the training then the protective sheets or mattress sheets will be so much helpful.

You will have to clean a lot less mess.

7- Fluids and fiber rich foods

Children usually start resisting to pass the stool when the potty training starts and they end up having constipation.

Lots of fluids (water & Juices) and fiber-rich food such as apples, whole grains dry fruits, etc. will prevent this problem.

8- Lots of rewards

Make sure to keep a stockpile of rewards. Have a good variety of things including snacks and toys etc.

Hugs and kisses will also count.

Every time your child shows success, you have to reward to keep up with the success.

9- Cleaning supplies

Keep your cleaning supplies in your hands so you don’t have to run around the house in an emergency.

Especially in the beginning, you will be needing a lot of cleaning sessions. So make sure that you are having enough cleaning supplies such as mops and extra old clothes.

10- Disinfectants

Remember that only cleaning supplies are not enough. You should have some disinfectants in hands too because they are also one of the most important potty training essentials.

Any sort of disposable liquids, sprays, or wipes will be good.

11- Toys & Books

While your toddler is sitting on the potty seat, you can hand over his/her favorite toys or some books to keep him/her busy. He/She may sit on the potty seat for longer.

These were the most important potty training essentials. Remember the tip in the topic (Potty training tips | 30+ points to keep in mind) that do not plan any trip during the time of potty training. But In case of any urgent need, you have to keep these supplies with you.

  • Spare clothing
  • Disposable bags to dispose of any liter
  • Disposable Wipes to clean the child
  • Travel pot (find here)
  • Waterproof sheets, etc.
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Tissue papers

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