Potty Training Tips | 30+ Points to Keep in Mind

Regardless of the method you choose to potty train your baby, there are some general tips a parent should keep in mind before starting the training.

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In this article, I will state the most important tips to keep in mind before and during the training. Following these simple tips to make the process more smooth and easy.

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Potty training tips before starting the training:

It’s not like you have to work only during the training but you must get ready before starting the procedure.

1- Make sure that you have gathered all the accessories

Gathering all the supplies like dry pants, potty seats, cleaning accessories, and toys to keep the child busy and interested in the process, etc. before starting the procedure is important so you don’t have to run at the time of need.

2- Gather at least 30-40 dry pants

Remember that you are going to face a lot of accidents in the beginning and the most important thing is to keep the child dry and clean.

So that she feels disgusted with the dirt and focuses on using the potty seat.

3- Gather pants which are easy to pull down and up

Remember to choose clothes, especially pants that are easy to pull down and up so the child won’t have to control the bladder for longer.

4- Let your child choose the potty seat

When you buy the potty seat, whether you go to the store or shop online, you must let your child choose her favorite seat. This way the child will become excited about the process and will not lose interest.

5- Place the potty seat on the place where your child spends most of the time of the day

Place the potty seat where your child spends most of the time, in this way, the baby will get a sense of familiarity and you will not face the problem of the baby resisting the potty seat.

7- Throw the poop from the diaper to the toilet to show that poop goes into the toilet seat

This tip might be disgusting but it works.

You have to tell the child that the real place of the poop is the toilet, not the diaper.

Every time you go into the restroom to wash her, throw the poop into the toilet from the diaper to show the real place.

8- Discuss your chosen method with all other caregivers

Before starting on the training, you should discuss your chosen method of potty training with other caregivers at home. So everyone in-home follows the same method.

7- Try to notice your child’s toilet schedule

Every child is most likely to have a fixed toilet schedule.

No! I’m not talking about time only, a fixed schedule may mean a pattern. Like after how much time of eating or drinking a fluid.

If it’s possible, try to notice the schedule.

9- Identify behaviors and help your child learn the signals

After learning the behavior of your child, you don’t have to keep the learning to yourself.

Every time you see the signal, Ask him/her if he/she needs to pee/poo. In this way, you will help your child identify his/her own body signals.

10- Arrange a lot of fluids that are your child’s favorite

Fluids will help your child to have more bathroom needs, and more practice will help in making the training quicker.

11- Arrange a lot of fiber rich food

In most cases, when the toilet training starts then children resist passing stool and end up having constipation. Having a bunch of fiber-rich foods, such as apples and figs will prevent this problem.

12- Have an open communication with the children

A ready child is an easy child to potty train. It is one of the most important potty training tips.

Let your child know about your planning.

Use practical words and make the child excited about the upcoming activity.

Talk to the child every now and then to make him/her more mentally ready.

13- Create a new song for potty training

Children love the songs and rhymes made by their parents. Try to create a new funny song especially for the potty time. Make the training time, a fun time.

Check out “Everybody potties: Songs to help you Go.

14- Let your baby watch cartoons based on potty training

Let your baby watch cartoons based on potty training, you can search on YouTube. and let your child watch the cartoons. They will somehow absorb a part of the process.

15- Invest in some books about the potty training

Reading a book is a fun way to teach your child anything. Buy some books based on the idea of the training and read them to your child.

16- Make the child excited about the upcoming activity

Never use a firm tone to talk about the potty training. Only offer positive affirmation.

Let the child feel that potty training is something fun, and the training and the outcome will be something very great.

17- Take the child with you to the toilet, if possible

This potty training tip is not for everyone, at least not for me.

But somehow it works and many parents take their little ones to the toilet to show them how it works.

18- Try out any doll to pretend urination

There are some dolls available that pretend the process of urination and might help in potty training.

Look for Melissa & Doug Annie Drink & Wet Doll. Although I do not recommend buying it because of the fact that most of the reviews I read were not good. But still, you can have a look and try the doll if you like it. There are some more available but none of the dolls, I found had great reviews.

19- Prepare meals for at least a few days

Potty training is already a lot of hard work. You should prepare meals and freeze them at least for the first few days. So you can focus on the training without any distraction or stress.

20- Don’t plan a trip to anywhere during the training

If you have any plan to go anywhere then do not start the training. It’s better to gather all the groceries and essentials so you don’t have to go anywhere during the potty training.

So these were some tips to be followed before even starting the training. Now, the next is “Potty training tips during the process”. Read-Along!

Potty Training Tips during the process

Potty training is not an easy job at all. But by applying the right tips and tricks, you can make the process more smooth and effective.

1- Have patience

Any part of parenting requires patience.

This is the key. If you will lose your temper, you are most likely to fail. (Besides the fact that every mother, Even the one who is naturally a “Swallower”, will lose her temper while dealing with the baby). All you have to do is to try your best to practice patience.

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2- Be ready to face a lot of Accidents

You might be already familiar with the word, “potty training” but the fact is that the whole thing is very new to your child.

You are going to face a lot of accidents, especially in the beginning. You have to be ready for that, both mentally and physically. Be prepared and have your cleaning supplies in your range.

3- Be prepared for any regression

You might have already talked to your child about the whole process but when he/she will reach the actual phase. He/she may get disturbed and you may face some regression. Be prepared for that.

4- Set practical expectations

Double-check your expectations from your child. Do not expect your child to show a reduction in the number of accidents within a few hours.

Setting practical expectations will help you keep up with your patience.

5- Give your baby her favorite toy while sitting on the potty seat

Most babies resist sitting on the potty seat to try, especially in the beginning. You have to divert their attention for a while.

6- Sing the created song during the training to make the things fun

Don’t forget the tip of singing a funny potty training song. It’s a fun way to train your child. let the baby feel that he/she is doing something really exciting.

7- Don’t force the child if he/she is not ready to sit on the seat

If the child is not ready to sit on the potty seat, you shouldn’t force because if you will do so then you are most likely to face a lot of regression.

8- Try to understand the signals and instruct accordingly

Recall the tip above, that ‘try to understand the signals” of your child.

When you will learn the signals then you will be able to instruct the child and make him/her attentive. It will also help your child learn the process.

9- Make sure the child is starting to hate pee touching her legs

You have to change your expressions and let the child feel disgusted with the pee touching his/her legs. In this way, the child will try his/her best to run to the seat at every time of need.

10- Never Ever Punish

You have to avoid any sort of shouting, scolding, or punishing altogether. Punishing will discourage the child.

11- Immediately change the clothes

With every accident, you have to change your clothes immediately. If you don’t, there are chances that the child will start feeling comfortable with the dirt.

If this happens, this is a clear signal that you are moving in a totally wrong direction.

These were some most important tips, every parent should keep in mind before and during the process of potty training.

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