13 Simple Ways to Keep a Child Physically Active

Children are much more energetic than adults and have a natural desire to stay physically active. They love so much to move around but there are many factors that reduce their physical activity.

  • The busy schedule of parents
  • Screen-times
  • Less opportunity of taking part in sports
  • Spending more time in School

But keeping the children physically active is one of the most important things a parent should focus on because active kids are smarter kids. Not only physically but mentally too.

In this article, we will look for 13 simple ways to keep a child physically active.

Why physical activity is so important for children?

Physical activity improves blood circulation all over the body including brain cells and helps in so many ways.

• Strengthen muscles and bones
• Helps sleep better at night
• Reduce the risk of so many diseases later in the life
• Helps maintain a healthy weight
• Improves children’s coordination and balance
• Promotes healthy growth and development
• Helps in better brain development

How to keep children physically active?

Here are 13 practical and simple ways to keep the children physically active:

1- Be a role model

The first and the most important tip is to become a role model.

If you are not physically active yourself, it is very unlikely that your child will take interest in moving around.

Children usually follow the lifestyle of their parents. If you will follow a good and active lifestyle it is not only beneficial for kids but you will also stay fit and healthy.

2- Enroll them in different sports

Enrolling the children in different sports is the best thing you can do in this regard. They will also love this idea.

Consider their favorite sports and give them choices. You can look for basketball, swimming, Karate, or volleyball.

Team sports are also a great option because you can invite your friends too. Kids love playing with their friends.

3- Choose age appropriate activities for kids

There is no point in providing the opportunity for activities which are not suitable for kid’s ages.

For example, what will a 1-year-old do with the basketball? He/she doesn’t have enough motor skills to play basketball. So, finding activities that are age-appropriate is so much important.

4- Reduce screen time

Screen-time is one of the main culprits in making the kids lazy. Screen disturbs the brain and makes the children anxious.

Children end up wanting more screen time instead of getting tired. So, limiting screen time is a very good idea to make the children more active.

5- Praise them when they become more physically active

It’s human nature to love compliments. People tend to repeat the act more often, for which they got a compliment.

Children are also little humans, so whenever they jump, run or do any such activity then you should praise them and sometimes clap for them.

6- Start slow

If your child is much lazy then you should not force him/her to jump on.

Start slowly. Encourage him to get into some activities which require less energy. Then gradually increase the frequency and intensity.

7- Don’t compare them with other kids

Comparing with other children is the worst thing a parent can do to the kid. Comparison develops a sense of jealousy and insecurity in kids.

So, instead of comparing with other children, encourage them to beat their own previous record.

8- Introduce new games more often

Children may get bored of playing the same game for longer.

Introduce new games and activities after some time. It will encourage them to keep up their interest in being physically active.

9- Arrange active competitions

Arrange activities or competitions like racing etc.

You can fix a gift for the winner. This will help you a lot in this regard.

Try to arrange at least one competition a month.

10- Choose walking over car ride

Try to walk instead of riding a car. For example, walking to the nearby grocery store is a good idea.

11- Feed them with healthy food

What a person eats, plays a very important role in how that person feels.

Junk food contains a lot of calories and almost no nutritional value. With less nutrition, the kid is more likely to become lazy and inactive.

So, feeding the right food is important, i.e. more vegetables, fruits, and proteins.

12- Make sure they are medically fit

Even if you are following all the tips above, you still feel that your kid is lazy.

You must seek medical advice and make sure that your child is medically fit.

13- Set-up a playground at home

Last but not least! one of the most important and effective ways to keep the children physically active is to set up a playground at home.

Children are never tired of playing in a playground. But parents usually don’t have enough time to take them to the grounds.

That’s why it’s is a great idea to set up a playground at your own home. Children will have 24/7 access to their playground and it will help you a lot to keep them physically active.

Even if you don’t have outdoor space, you can use an indoor space.

I have some awesome ideas about what to keep in an indoor playground. Check those ideas here.

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