Why You Should Potty Train Your Child Immediately?

Potty training is a very important milestone for both parents and kids. There are several reasons for which you should potty train your child as soon as possible.

Before discussing those reasons, let’s have a look on what potty training is?

What is potty training?

Potty training, also known as toilet training, is the procedure of teaching someone, especially children to go to the toilet for urination and a bowel movement on their own.

Being fully potty trained means that your child knows, when, and how to use the bathroom without any assistance!

Why you should potty train your child immediately?

Here are some important reasons for which you should potty train your child as soon as possible.

1- Child’s self confidence

When a child will complete her potty training, she will feel much more confident. It helps in developing her sense of self-dependency.

2- Emotional development

Every kid has a natural desire to control her environment, to win her parent’s approval, and to test her fears, rules, and limits. 

If she will be successful early in this important milestone, it will have a huge positive impact on her emotional development.

3- Comfort of the child

No diapers mean no discomfort. Try to feel the feeling of being packed every time.

When you will potty train your kid, she will feel comfortable. And a child’s comfort is the most important thing for a parent.

4- Less risk of infection and rashes

When she will be toiled trained, she will not use any more diapers.

Diapers may cause rashes when not changed immediately after a bowel movement (BM).

It happens many times that the child doesn’t tell the parent about the BM and parents sometimes may forget to check and the child gets the rashes.

Moreover, the use of diapers may cause frequent infections too. So, after toilet training, your child will no more get rashes and frequent infections.

5- Saves much time and energy for parents

Changing diapers, again and again, many times a day is quite exhausting.

Especially, when the numbers of bowel movements increase, washing her, again and again, takes a lot of time and energy.

Potty training saves that time.

6- Save thousands of dollars

Just calculate how much you spend on diapers per month.

According to a 2010 study, almost 1/3 of the mothers in the U.S. are cutting back on the basic necessities to buy diapers.  Oops! Ref

Toilet training may save you thousands of dollars.

Not only diapers but the extra accessories you are buying, like wipes, powders, creams and lotions and rash creams, etc.

Save a lot of money just by training your child to go to the restroom on her own.

7- Diapers are non-biodegradable waste

Here comes the most important reason!

Earth is going crazy because of the non-biodegradable wastages.

Mostly educated people are going Green, which means they are shifting towards biodegradable wastages. Disposable diapers represent almost 30% of the non-biodegradable wastes in landfills. This is A LOT. A baby can use 2200 diapers in her first year of life and the number is almost similar for the later years of life.

Potty Training doesn’t only benefit the child and the parent but the earth enjoys the benefits too.

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