Hi! I’m Jill

I’m a proud mom navigating the delightful whirlwind that comes with two little ones under the age of 4. This blog, came along with my firstborn, serves as a snug nook filled with genuine, joyous, and oh-so-relatable mom moments.

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Now, with double the giggles and learning curves, I’m sprinkling in fresh wisdom from my escapades with two, aiming to assist you in steering through the early years.

Originally hailing from the vibrant Toronto (lovingly known as The Six), I now find my heart and home in the scenic Salt Lake City, Utah.

You’ll often find us soaking up life amidst the mountains, indulging in our love for skiing, biking, and hiking. Though I must admit, our pace has somewhat mellowed with two little adventurers in tow!

And just to sprinkle a bit more fun into the mix, I’m juggling all of this with a full-time career in the corporate healthcare world. It may not always be a picture-perfect journey, but hey, we’re all about figuring it out along the way, right?

Welcome to our jubilant jumble – let’s navigate through this wonderfully wild mom journey together!

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