Apple Basket Activity (Craft with Real Apples)

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With September fast approaching I thought it was time to start thinking about school and apple themed crafts for my toddler and preschooler. “Crafts with real apples” are a hit with this age group as apples are easy to hold (and extras make a great snack for later).

This easy apple stamping activity has a few learning opportunities.


Practicing the different fall colors is a simple way to sneak in some color identification.


Let your preschooler practice their scissor skills by making the basket strips and gluing them down.


Holding and grasping skills get a work out in this activity.


This may be a new concept for your 3 or 4 year old, but with a little help it’s a fun new way to craft.

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Apple Basket Activity (Craft with Real Apples)


Paint (we used red, green and yellow)

Brown paper bags

Safety Scissors (we like these)

Glue (stick or white will do)


Cut Apples (slice some vertically and some horizontally)

Paper Plates


1.Setup:  Place a few generous squirts of paint onto a paper plate. Leave enough room in between colors to allow space for your apple. Set aside.

apple basket craft step 1

2.  Cutting: Begin by cutting a brown paper lunch bag into thin strips. You can do this ahead or let your toddler/preschooler give it a try.

step 2 cut strips

3. Gluing: On a sheet of paper, offer your preschooler a few strips and encourage them to place them somewhat close together, pointing up.  Only glue down the ends – this will make the next step easier.

4. Weaving: Offer your child a few more strips and show them how to weave under, over and under again.

crafts with real apples step 4

Repeat, weaving a strip over, under and over.

Now, glue the ends of the basket to the paper.

5. Stamping: Dip the apple into the paint, and firmly press it onto the paper, above the area of the woven basket.

step 5 apple crafts for preschoolers

Repeat using all of the colors.

Allow to dry and display.

apple stamping basket craft activity

These crafts can be given to teachers or hung up as early fall decor.

For more crafts with real apples check out this pumpkin apple craft.

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