Spring is around the corner and I think this season has the best crafts.  Flowers, butterflies, bird feeders and nesting stations are all so colorful and fresh.  After a dreary winter it’s nice to have color again!  Below are detailed instructions and photos on how to make a clothespin butterfly.

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How to customize your beaded clothespin butterfly

final clothespin butterfly how to

This butterfly craft is totally customizable as you can use your favorite colored beads.  I think they’d make really sweet Mother’s Day gifts for grandmas and aunts.  They are light enough that they could be mailed easily.

You can also add a sticky magnet to the back and they can be placed on your fridge or add a suction cup and they can go onto your windows for spring decor.

When I was making these, I almost turned them into dragonfly clothespins, but adding the little antenna added another step to keep the craft going a little longer for my daughter.

If you do want to turn these little guys into a dragonfly, skip the antenna step and little face on top.

How to Make a Clothespin Butterfly


supplies for clothespin butterfly craft


Paint the clothespin

1.  Paint your clothespins or you can leave them natural.  A mix of both is fun too.

2.  You will need 2 pipe cleaners for each butterfly, I decided to color coordinate mine but you can mix it up.

The Larger Bottom Wing

Add beads

3.  Start adding the beads.  String on 42 beads. ( 21 on each wing section).

4.  Leave some space in the middle and some on each end.

butterfly wing

5.  Once all the beads have been strung on, take the ends and wrap them around the open space that was left in the middle.

clothespin and beaded wing

6.  Place this inside the clip section of the butterfly.

The Smaller Top Wing

7.  Repeat the same process with the next pipe cleaner but only add 12-14 beads per each wing section (24-28 total).

craft beads

8.  Leaving a lot of room at the end, wrap the ends around the middle section to secure it together.

Preschool butterfly craft

9.  With the remaining section of the pipe cleaners add a pearl bead or 2 pony beads to form an antennae.

10.  Add the bead on and then wrap the pipe cleaner around to secure it. Place this section inside of the clip section and make sure the antennae are sticking out of the top

final clothespin butterfly how to

11.  Next draw a face using a marker

12.  Add your magnet or suction cup if using.

Conclusion: Butterfly Craft

I just love how these beaded clothespin butterflies turned out. They are a super simple beading craft for preschoolers and up that make great decor or gifts.

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