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15 Easy Halloween Crafts To Make With Your Kids

Last updated on November 16th, 2022 at 08:02 pm

What better way to get into the festive spirit than to get the family working on Halloween crafts together? Here are 15 ideas for you to work on together!

Fun Halloween Crafts to Get Your Kids Excited for the Holiday


1. Upcycled Halloween Lanterns

halloween lanterns | Easy Halloween Crafts To Make With Your Kids | halloween crafts for kids

This Halloween lantern craft looks like a lot of fun. It’s a simple project for toddlers as it works on their fine motor skills. This project is also dirt cheap if you’re resourceful.

2. Popsicle Stick Ghost Windows

Need something really really easy, you say? So this is your kid’s first Halloween craft, and you want a project that’s as easy as one-two-three. This spooky popsicle stick ghost window is just the thing! Here’s how it’s made:

  • Assemble six pieces of popsicle sticks to make the window.
  • Let your kid cut out a paper ghost outlined with his/her hand.
  • Glue the ghost in a cardstock, and then glue the popsicle stick window over it.

3. Halloween Sock Black Cat

Here’s a seriously fun project to introduce your kid to sewing. You don’t need much to make this spooky sock black cat craft; you’ll need only three materials (old black socks, ribbons, and buttons) and 15 minutes or so of your time.

4. Tomato Cage Ghost

If you’re into gardening and you just took care of your tomato harvest, we will have fun with those empty tomato cages this Halloween. The hard part of lighting this tomato cage ghost craft will be yours to do. Your kid can take care of the easy part of drawing.

5. Halloween Spider Slime

kids playing slime | Easy Halloween Crafts To Make With Your Kids | halloween arts and crafts

We have yet to meet a kid who didn’t fall for the slimy goo that’s trending on YouTube. Every kid seems to be all over it. Halloween couldn’t be any more perfect for brewing this glob of goo. Add some spiders and glitters to complete the cringy effect.

6. Paper Plate Skull


It seems like every kid has a knack for snipping papers. Give them a pair, and they’ll start cutting away. They will absolutely dig this easy paper plate skull craft. All they need to do is cut through paper plates and papers, then easily assemble the parts to make a ghost face. Let them proudly hang their work of art anywhere they want to.

7. DIY Ghost Windsock

There’s nothing more unfestive than a yard without Halloween decor. This DIY ghost windsock can turn things around. It’s absolutely easy to make with your kids, and everything you need is probably already in the house right now. Simply hang it up a tree or over your porch and let the wind take care of the effects.

8. Halloween Googly Eye Door

We are pretty sure your kid’s eyes will twinkle with mischief at this googly eye door craft. Imagine several pairs of googly eyes looking right at you. It’s a very simple project, but one that can give guests the creeps!

9. Clothespin Button Bat Craft

Next to trick or treating, making Halloween arts and crafts is the best part of this holiday. Couple this clothespin button bat craft with your other decorations for a spookier effect. Also, let your kids have their way with their own button bat creations.

10. 3D Halloween Balloons

bat balloon | Easy Halloween Crafts To Make With Your Kids | easy halloween crafts for kids

Balloon crafts are one of the easy Halloween crafts for kids. You can pick designs such as a bat, witch, a Jack-o’ lantern, or Frankenstein. The kids can channel their creativity and design the balloons as they please.

11. DIY Paper Spider Webs

Graduate from the simple people chain-design of paper cutting art, and let your kids join in on this new design perfect for Halloween–paper spider webs. They can grace any spare space or corner of your home with these cool spider webs.

12. Monster Mobile Toilet Roll Crafts

Halloween can be the cheapest holiday when it comes to decorating. You can use materials you can get practically for free, like empty paper rolls. Some yarns, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes will turn that good-for-scrap into cute and creepy decors.

13. DIY Halloween Tombstones

halloween tombstones | Easy Halloween Crafts To Make With Your Kids | halloween craft ideas

Talking about inexpensive Halloween decor, we have a contender right here. With some gray paint and your kid’s fancy for deviltry, you can pull off a well-decorated yard for free. Make this cool tombstone from cereal boxes and turn your yard into a cemetery.

14. Easy Melt and Pour Halloween Spider Soap

Make bath time spooky fun this Halloween with spider soap your kids can help make. It looks tricky, but it’s really easy when you use the melt and pour soap base. Your kids can also choose other toy insects they can stick to the soap.

15. Halloween Popcorn Hands

Here’s an easy Halloween craft which also makes a tasty treat for your kids. Make popcorn and candy corn interesting with a little helping hand. Let your kids fill up disposable gloves with popcorn and candy corn, then tie it with a string to seal. It’s surely a creative way to hand out treats.


Here’s one more easy addition to your Halloween craft ideas your kids can do with you. Check out this video from Make Kids Craft:

YouTube video

As moms, we all want to make the holidays special for our kids so we can all fondly look back on the great memories. Halloween is a favorite holiday of kids and adults alike, and doing arts and crafts makes it ten times more fun. Enjoy making these Halloween crafts with your kids and let their creativity fly!

Which of these Halloween crafts do you think your little ones will love? We’d love to hear about it in the comments section below! 

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