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19 DIY Christmas Gifts For Moms

Make DIY Christmas gifts for your mom friends with our brilliant ideas here!

DIY Christmas Gifts for Every Kind of Mom

For the Nostalgic Mom

1. Custom Photo Calendars

Put your creative juices to good use by making a custom photo calendar. Make special, customized designs or gather your mommy friend’s most favorite photos and use that as the backdrop for the calendars. Your personal touch will make this gift extra special.

2. Photo Coasters

Are your friend’s walls filled with photo frames already? Then this DIY photo coaster project may be the perfect homemade Christmas gift for your mom friends. All you need are ceramic tiles, photos, foam brushes, Mod Podge, and coating spray.

3. String Art Photo Gallery

The string art photo gallery is a great gift for moms who love nostalgia. With a few items you may already have around your house, you can create a beautiful display piece to add to any mom’s photo collection.

4. Vintage Photo Canvas

Moms who love throwback photos will appreciate this vintage photo canvas. All you have to do is gather your mommy friend’s favorite photos, compile them together, and add a vintage touch.


For the Artsy Mom

5. Printable Word Art


Calligraphy turns simple phrases into beautiful artwork. Don’t worry, you can put your pen and ink away for this DIY project.

All you need is a printer, frame, and some paper. Then, choose and download your free printable word art. Place your printed design in a frame, and you’ve got a great DIY Christmas gift for all the moms out there!

6. Framed Pressed Flowers

Framed pressed flowers are the perfect gift for moms who might miss their gardens during winter. This DIY Christmas gift is so easy to make, all you need is a little bit of time (about 2 weeks) to dry out the plants or flowers.

7. Scrabble Tile Art

Scrabble tiles are making a huge comeback in the crafting scene and we understand why! There are many ways to turn these letter tiles into simple homemade Christmas gifts.

You can make coasters, key chains, ornaments, or framed artwork. You’re sure to find something that moms will love.


For the Mom Who Loves the Holidays

8. Christmas Ornaments


Dressing up the Christmas tree is a beloved holiday tradition. Make it extra special this year by gifting your mom friends with a DIY Christmas Ornament.

There are many ways you can make handmade ornaments. You can even spruce up the old ones you have at home! Moms will also love these tattoo ornaments or these hand-lettered ones.

9. Christmas Tea Tree

For tea-loving moms, the Christmas Tea Tree is the perfect DIY Christmas gift! Not only does it work great as a table centerpiece, but who doesn’t love a cup of warm tea on cold winter days? You’re sure to warm up any mom’s heart with this useful and thoughtful gift.


For the Funny Mom

10. Witty Embroidered Hankies


If you’re a wiz at embroidery, you can try making witty embroidered hankies. Use plain, cotton hankies to contrast the funny statement you’re going to sew on it.

Make the gift recipient laugh with phrases like: “there, there,” “blow me,” and “no ugly crying” sewn on the hankies.

Here’s a tip: Write the phrases out in water-soluble markers to serve as your stitching guide.

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11. Funny Embroidered Gloves

If your mom friends don’t use hankies anymore, funny embroidered gloves might do the trick. You can embroider phrases on the knuckle area of wool or knit gloves. When she wears them, it’ll look like mommy’s got a knuckle tattoo!

Using the same stitching technique for the hanky project, you can stitch on phrases like “lady-like” or “I glove you!” It’s the perfect gift for winter!


For the Mom Who Loves to Travel

12. Travel Keepsake Box


If you have a mommy friend who loves traveling, a travel keepsake box is the perfect DIY Christmas gift for her. All you need is a plain, sturdy box where she can keep her favorite souvenirs in one place.

You can decorate the lid with a print out of the map of the place she visited. If you want a more minimalist look, you can simply stencil the name of the place on one side of the box.

13. Toiletry Travel Bag

Make any mom’s next trip extra special by putting together a premium toiletry travel bag made just for her! First, pick out a cute toiletry bag, then fill it up with her favorite travel-sized beauty products. How thoughtful!


For the Mom with a Baby or Toddler

14. Handprint Baby/Toddler Art

Moms love homemade Christmas gifts, especially if they’re made with little hands. They’ll get a kick out of these handprint pot holders. Another cute present she’ll love are these thumbprint reindeer mugs. Those little thumbprints are adorable!

15. Salt Dough Hand/Footprint Ornament

You can make these salt dough ornaments even more meaningful by involving the kids. Use their chubby little hands and feet instead of the usual Christmas themed cookie cutter.

To make this gift extra special, don’t forget to paint the year on the back or bottom of the ornament. With each year that goes by, mom will marvel at how little her child’s hands and feet used to be.


For the Mom Who Loves Getting Pampered

16. Sugar Scrubs

The holidays can be a stressful time for every mom. Treat your mommy friends to an extra luxurious bath by gifting her with homemade sugar scrubs. Check out these great recipes for holiday-themed sugar scrubs.

17. Spa in a Jar

Mommies usually don’t have time to pamper themselves. That’s why a DIY spa in a jar is the perfect gift for hardworking moms out there. Get a Mason jar and fill it up with their favorite scrubs, serums, face masks, manicure tools, and essential oils. Guiltless indulgence is just a jar away!


For the Foodie Mom

18. Reindeer Bottled Drinks

Make root beer or wine more festive by turning them into reindeer! All you need are hot glue, googly eyes, red pom-poms, and brown pipe cleaners. They’re so cute, she might even hesitate to pop open the reindeer bottled drinks!

19. Homemade Jam

Give mommy a break in the kitchen by gifting her homemade jam. More traditional moms might enjoy this version of mixed berry jam. But if you’re feeling adventurous, try gifting her with homemade caramelized onion and bacon jam.

Excited to make your DIY Christmas gifts? WhatsUpMoms tells you the supplies you need to get started:

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Christmas gifts don’t need to cost you an arm and a leg. Moms appreciate any gift, whether it’s a cute T-shirt or something you’ve made on your own. After all, it is the thought that counts.

So if you’re feeling extra thoughtful and want to add more meaning to your Christmas presents, give these simple homemade Christmas gifts a try!

Do you have other meaningful homemade Christmas gift ideas? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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