The Ultimate Guide to Fall Crafts for Infants: 10 Activities That Will Boost Creativity and Joy

Leaves are falling, pumpkin spice is calling, and it’s time to get in the autumn spirit with your little babe! The crisp air, colorful foliage, and cozy vibes of fall open up a whole new world of festive fun for you and your baby to explore together.

Forget the Pinterest perfection and over-the-top DIY madness – let’s keep it simple and make the most of the season with these easy, affordable fall crafts for infants and activities you can do with your little pumpkin.

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I’ve made it through a few falls with my oldest and learned a lot along the way. Now I get a second take at this with our youngest and I’m sharing my favorite no-fuss ways to capture that autumn magic without the stress. With just a few household items, you and your tiny human can have a blast while making magical memories.

Why Fall is a Great Time of Year for Babies

Fall is such a magical time for our tiny ones! The weather is just right for getting outside to explore without freezing or overheating. Babies can discover the crunch of leaves under their feet, watch leaves twirl to the ground, and feel the cozy softness of sweaters and blankets.

The colors, scents, textures, and even tastes of autumn make it a sensory wonderland for little learners. Apples, pumpkins, cinnamon – there are so many new flavors for their tiny palates to try. Not to mention activities like apple picking and trips to the pumpkin patch create special memories together.

Let’s not forget the holidays either! Fall kicks off an enchanting season filled with family gatherings, cozy traditions, festive photos, and homemade treats to delight your babe’s senses.

Fall Crafts for Infants and Babies

Crafting with infants is amazing for their gross motor skill development! While they might be small, your little one is ready to explore their artistic side, as long as the crafts are set up in a developmentally appropriate way. All of the crafts I’ll cover can be paired down to meet your child where they are.

As you’ve already noticed, your baby loves to put everything in their mouth! When picking infant crafts, please be mindful of this and be present with them. Not only will this boost your bonding but it’s also for their safety!

Leaf Window Craft

small child playing with leaves that are taped to the window

This “leaves on the window” craft was super simple and my daughter was a huge fan! We call that a win-win. As new leaves fell we would make new art!

You can buy some leaves from the crafts store or use what’s lying in the yard.

Here’s a complete write-up on the craft.

Leave Glitter

This might be the cheapest and easiest of all the fall crafts out there! All you need is a few leaves, some stick glue and construction paper.

Just crunch up a handful of leaves and you’ve got glitter! This is a great fall craft for infants up to early elementary.

Fall Art for Infants and Babies

Apple Stamping

apple stamp

This fall craft will require bit more gross motor skills for them to do by themselves but with some helpful hands, you’ll be able to get the apple stamps!

Footprint Art

kids with feet painted in the color of candy corn

How stinking cute are candy corn feet paintings!

Using the same steps from my handprint painting guide you can create some fun fall art! While the paint is out, and likely all over their hands, you can try some handprint art too.

Fall Activities for Infants and Babies

Is there anything more iconic for fall family fun than a visit to the pumpkin patch? Those picture perfect scenes of kids playing among pumpkins, hay bales, and corn stalks – I just can’t get enough! The Pumpkin patch is really one of my absolute favorite fall activities for infants through early elementary.

Going to the pumpkin patch is like entering a magical autumn wonderland for my babes. Seeing their eyes light up when they spot rows of pumpkins in every size, shape, and color is the best. Sure, wrangling tots while apple picking and navigating those hay mazes can be an adventure, but making festive fall memories together is what it’s all about. Capture the smiles, the giggles, and maybe one or two minor meltdowns.

At the end of the day, some cute photos, a yummy pumpkin doughnut, hot apple cider, and watching my babes bond over pumpkins – that’s what memories are made of.

Fall Sensory Activities

There is no shortage of fall sensory activities your little pumpkin can experience!

Leaf Piles

YouTube video

Try not to smile while watching your little one plop into a pile of leaves! With so many sounds, feels, and smells a simple pile of leaves can provide lots of entertainment.

Baby Pumpkin Carving

Let your baby help you while carving a pumpkin. Place a towel or sheet on the floor underneath your pumpkin (top removed). Let your baby sit next to the pumpkin, give them a spoon and bowl, or let them dig with their hands.

Keep an eye on them, those seeds can be choking hazards.

PREP TIME 1 minute

  1. This is a clothes off activity! – they will get messy, probably try to eat some pumpkin (no harm – just watch the seeds) and will throw the pumpkin guts around!
  2. Set your baby up on the floor (stay close by to keep them safe). If it’s warm enough you can do this outside. I still recommend some cardboard under them for easy cleanup.
  3. Give them a big spoon and bowl
  4. Have the bath ready and don’t expect them to scoop out the whole pumpkin – the younger the baby the shorter the activity 

Fall Scents Sensory Activity

One of baby’s most advanced senses at birth is their sense of smell (they learn their mama’s smell very quickly and that’s why you can calm them down with a shirt that mom wore).

Keep encouraging their development with a fall smells sensory game.


Place your baby on your lap (lay them across your lap if they don’t have head control yet) then gently wave fragrant items past their little nose while you tell them what they’re smelling.


Sliced apple

Cinnamon stick

Slice of orange

A bag of leaves 

Pumpkin pie spice

Fall Activities for Infants

Tummy Time

Grab a flannel blanket, bundle up your baby and get outside for tummy time!  Find an area with dry leaves the baby can touch, and add some small pumpkins, gourds, pinecones, or whatever fall foilage is around for different textures.

And when you’re done bring home some leaves to add to sensory bags for later. 

  • Blanket
  • Pumpkins
  • Leaves

Tummy time is so important for babies. Bringing it outside mixes it up.

Fall photos

Is there anything cuter than little ones frolicking in fall leaves with big smiles and sweet seasonal styles? One of my favorite parts of autumn is taking all the festive photos to remember our family’s fun. No need for anything over the top – keep it simple and let the magic of the season shine through!

Here are a few of my favorite fall photo ideas:

  • Sit babe in a big pile of leaves – bonus if you can capture them throwing handfuls in the air!
  • Take pictures at a pumpkin patch or apple orchard. So many great backdrops!
  • Dress them in cozy neutral tones and let them play outside.
  • Carve pumpkins together then get some pics.
  • Pose with mums, hay bales, fall wreaths – embrace the season!

See what festive backdrops you can find in your own yard or neighborhood. Capture your little pumpkin picking fallen leaves, surrounded by color, or just being their cute selves. Pull out the seasonal styles from chunky knits to flannels.

Before you know it, you’ll have the perfect fall photos to look back on for years to come! Get creative and have fun capturing your babies in autumn.

baby sitting in a pile of leaves

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Fall Themed Baby Books

Reading outside on a blanket is a great fall activity for infants. Or, expand your bedtime reading routine to include books about fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

Where Is Baby’s Pumpkin? (Karen Katz Lift-the-Flap Books)

Where Is Baby's Pumpkin? (Karen Katz Lift-the-Flap Books)

One, Two…Boo!

One, Two...Boo!

Spooky Pookie (Little Pookie)

Spooky Pookie (Little Pookie)

Where Is Baby’s Turkey?: A Karen Katz Lift-the-Flap Book 

Where Is Baby's Turkey?: A Karen Katz Lift-the-Flap Book (Karen Katz Lift-the-Flap Books)

Bright Baby: Happy Thanksgiving

Bright Baby: Happy Thanksgiving

I Love to Gobble You Up! (Made with Love)

I Love to Gobble You Up! (Made with Love)