homemade bird feeding station for kids

Make a Homemade Bird Nest & Food Station (A great family activity!)

Putting together a bird nest station is a great activity to teach kids about birds and their eggs. It’s also a great way to teach empathy for animals and other creatures. A homemade bird feeding station is a great spring family activity, but can be done any time of year.    

Below I show you how to make a bird nest and food station using common items that can be found at home or locally. 

What is a Bird Nest and Feeding Station?

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A bird nest and feeding station is a human-made collection of food and materials that help birds build their nests prior to egg laying. 

It also includes food to ensure mama birds have the nutrition they need to lay eggs. 

When should you Make a Bird Nest and Food Station?

Here in Canada migratory birds usually start building their nests at the beginning of March so they can lay their eggs late March/early April.  Some birds have eggs up to 3 times in a year.  

A quick Google search should tell you when birds in your area start building.

The great thing about this activity is you can put it out anytime, just load it up with more food then nesting supplies.

Where Should You Put Your Homemade Bird Feeding Station?

Place your station where birds can easily see it, near shrubs or bushes is a great place as they will have somewhere to rest after exploring your station and can easily return.  Keep it off the ground where squirrels and other animals will be tempted to help themselves.

How to make a Bird Nest and Food Station

What you Need:

  • Empty paper egg carton
  • Birdseed 
  • Apple, chopped small 
  • Sticks
  • Dry Leaves 
  • Natural Material Cord or String 
  • Dry Hay
  • Natural Cotton
  • Wool Cloth Strips 
  • Pet Fur (optional)

Before you put this together, your family can take a nature walk to collect the items found outdoors.  Check out your local conservation area or forest/park.  


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1.  Carefully cut the lid off the egg carton

2.  Cut a section of jute cord to desired length and run through the holes in the carton from the bottom, as shown, to create the hanging cord

spring bird activity for kids
bird nest station instructions

3.  Cut the apple into small cubes

easy bird feeder for kids

4.  Fill each section of the egg carton with all of the different nest materials, the apple cubes, and the bird seed

bird nest station family activity
bird nest station and feeder

5 Hang outside in the desired location and watch how grateful your neighborhood birds will be!   

bird feeder kids

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