Being Santa is a big role parents have to play to make Christmas magical.  A recent study found that the average child finds out Santa isn’t real because of mistakes their parents made.  Read on to avoid those mistakes and keep the magic alive.  

2020 update:  A bonus mistake added! Make sure you scroll all the way to the end!

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Your kids have written their letters to Santa, you’ve spent hours shopping to find just the right gifts.  You have tucked them away where your kids won’t find them. You’re ready right?


There are little tricks to keeping the magic alive at Christmas, make sure you don’t make a rookie mistake and give your kids a reason to doubt Santa’s existence too soon.  

5 Rookie Mistakes That Will Make Your Kids Doubt Santa Exists:

1.  You use the same wrapping paper for all your presents. 

Santa would use his own unique wrapping paper, not the same one mom used to wrap up cousin Charlie’s present. Buy some special wrapping paper for presents just from Santa and hide that paper just like you are hiding presents.


2.  You use the same penmanship for the tags

Santa’s writing should not look just like mom’s.  Make sure you take time to write the tags from Santa in a different way.  Get dad, grandma, or a co-worker to write just like Santa.

If you want to make the Santa gifts even more special, consider getting some special from Santa gift tags made. These are our favorites:

Santa Gift Tags

3.  You leave a price tag on

Scan every corner of the box and make sure there isn’t a price tag on it.

4.  You have too many Amazon boxes delivered to your house

As amazing as is (seriously, it’s the best), don’t have toys delivered all December to your house.  Have them delivered to your work or a friends house. Kids are smart, they will start asking questions.

On Christmas Eve, if you do have a lot of boxes (Amazon or other), don’t put them all in the recycling bin that night.  Too suspicious.  Hang on to a few and put them out in the next few weeks.

5.  You leave big things in the box.

Santa would leave a fully put together bike under the tree with a big bow on it (because the elves made it!) They didn’t assemble parts and put them in a box.  Take time the night before to assemble toys so your kids can be wowed as they come down the stairs.

6.  BONUS:  You forget to put batteries in the toys!  

Make sure you load on up AAA and AA batteries before the holidays!  They are great to have around for other people’s gifts as well.

Have you made any of these rookie mistakes? How did you get yourself out it?  Any more tips to share?


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