This guide provides ideas for toddler stocking stuffers for Christmas 2019.  Included are the top small toys and unique gifts for toddler boys’ and girls’ stockings, as well as stocking stuffers for toddlers  under $10.

What to Look for: When Buying a Toddler a Stocking Stuffer

 At this age (12-36 months), toddlers will be drawn to the large toys, however you can make stocking stuffers just as fun!  Smaller gifts can become favorites, read on for our recommendations this 2019 Christmas season. 

Tips when choosing toddler stocking stuffers:

1.  Buy toys that are large enough to not pose a choking hazard

2.  Choose brightly colored gifts – to compete with big toys

3. Choose things that will provide sensory activities later (bathtub crayons, finger paints). Your future self will thank you!

4.  Pick toys that can be used in the car for travel

5.  Include small, fun practical gifts (banana shaped toothbrush for example)

6.  Take toys out of their packaging to fit better in the stocking. Your toddler will never know the difference!

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Best Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

These inexpensive stocking stuffers for toddlers (2-4 year olds) are a mix of practical ideas with silly and fun toys. If the packaging makes them too large to fit into your stocking, take them out of the packaging - your toddler will never know.

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If your daughter doesn't love getting the hair in her eyes clipped back, these adorable animal clips might change her mind.  Select from 15 different animal styles.

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For the toddler who has everything these crayons are not only beautiful, but completely usable!  Help your toddler practice spelling their name with this great gift set.

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These little eggs provide two matching games - match the face on the shell to the color of the egg and match the shape of the shell to the bottom of the carton.  

Toddlers will love practicing their colors and shapes as well as hearing the eggs squeak when you press down on them.  

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This adorable set is perfect for the teething toddler.  They can play dress up and relieve some pain when they are suffering.  Lots of colors and styles to choose from.  

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100% toxin free, these crayons and bath drops make bath time so much more fun!  Let your toddler's artistic talent shine during their bath.  These clean up easy as well with a wipe (check instructions for first time use).

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These little books are great for travel - fill the reusable pen with water and your toddler can practice their alphabet and animals. Best for older toddlers. 

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Expand your toddlers vocabulary with this wonderful 40-Piece Set – Each of the alphabet’s 26 letters are included in the set, along with doubles of more common letters (A, B, D, E, I, L, M, N, O, P, R, S, T, and U)

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Small board books are great for toddler's stocking stuffer.  This book is a best seller for a reason: its positive message to spread happiness.  The brightly colored pages and rhymes will make it a toddler favorite.

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Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers - Boys

Studies show that young boys do have toy preferences prior to socialization influence.  So, as parents you can feel secure in knowing there is no "harm" in giving a toddler boy a truck or car - because he naturally prefers it!

Place 200 stars on your toddler's ceiling and he will love gazing up before bed time.  The set includes one moon as well.

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Your toddler boy can master his building skills with this smaller set from LEGO DUPLO.  With this set your son can build the police van and small bank building.  

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These little wooden vehicles will provide hours of imagination and fun to any child.

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Little boys are fascinated with big trucks. This yellow dump truck with big black wheels is sure to delight any boy. Comes with a satin ribbon to hang on the tree.

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Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers - Girls

If you want to add a few items for your toddler girl that are more gender specific keep the following in mind:

Studies show that men tend to have better spatial awareness then women.  There is debate whether this is a result of nature or nuture.  So why not help your daughter with toys that help her master this skill - blocks, balls, puzzles.

And throwing in a few cute bows or socks isn't going to hurt anyone either. 

This little quiet book of felt will entertain your toddler while travelling for the holiday! On the cover you will find a pocket in which you can put candy.

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This remains one of my toddlers favorite dolls. Small and perfect for sleeping with or travel.

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This wooden hairbrush in pink white tones is a personalized unique gift for a little girl.

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Toddler Stocking Stuffers - under $10

Many of the above mentioned toddler stocking stuffers were budget friendly as well, but here is a list of our favorite under $10 gifts to keep your little one busy. 

Pull the string to activate the propeller and make bath time extra fun with motion. Encourages motor skills while teaching floating and sinking.

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Melissa & Doug carry a few versions of their 'My First Temporary Tattoos".   Sports & Adventure, Fairies & Butterflies, etc.  Your toddler will love their first temporary tattoos. 

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Includes 3 Kids’ Safety Scissors for “ouch-free” paper cutting
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Dollar Store Finds

The dollar store is a great place to find little stocking stuffers for toddlers that won't break the bank. Load up on:



Paint Brushes


Coloring Books


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