Easy Fall Craft for toddlers

Easy Fall Leaf Craft for Preschoolers and Toddlers

Last updated on September 14th, 2023 at 04:14 pm

This post is step by step guide for this easy fall craft with preschoolers and toddlers. 

I have always been an “ideas” person for my more artistic friends and family.  I myself have zero artistic ability. So when I look for crafts for my daughter they need to be so easy that even I can make it look pretty.  

There are tons of crafts out there that use clear contact paper and I have gotten aboard that train – toot toot!

So easy, less mess, helps toddlers and pre-schoolers work on their gross motor skills.  

Here is my first easy fall craft for my toddler.  

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What you need

Clear Contact Paper

Fall colored leaves from the dollar store (i paid $1.25 for these)

Masking Tape


  1. Cut out a piece of contact paper.  I used a 2ft by 2ft square
  2. Tape the contact paper onto a window or wall – leave the backing paper on except for on the corners facing you. (sticky side will be out).  I found this easiest – tape the corners, and then peel the paper off the rest, then tape the whole thing on the edges.

Tip:   I like the window because the light behind shines through.  I used masking tape to avoid a sticky mess left on the window.  

Tip: When taking photos for a blog post”¦move your daughter’s water table from the background ha!

  1.  Let your toddler or pre-schooler put leaves up on the contact paper to create a beautiful collage.  Help them press down the whole leaf if they are younger toddlers.


So easy.  If you want to keep it you can put another sheet of contact paper on top to seal in the leaves.

I chose to use the dollar store leaves rather than the real thing because my daughter is so young and wouldn’t be gentle enough to keep the real leaves in tact. If you have a pre-schooler then I would suggest getting outside and gathering real leaves first – make it a longer project!

If you happen to have a fall birthday, this makes a great first birthday party theme or activity.

Let me see your creations!  Find me on instagram @mominthesix and tag me in your photo.

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