How to Celebrate Christmas During Covid-19 and Love It!

Last updated on November 6th, 2022 at 01:58 pm

Looking for ideas on how to Celebrate Christmas during covid?  

Practicing Social Distancing this Christmas and need to celebrate virtually?  

We have included lots of ways to keep traditions alive, even if you aren’t all in the same place this year.    

Bonus: A whole section on new traditions to start during Covid.

How to Celebrate Christmas During Covid-19?

ways to celebrate christmas during covid

If you are in a state or country that is currently dealing with the need to socially distance it can be a tough time during the holidays.

Loneliness and missing family and friends at Christmas are real emotions many of us are dealing with.  

With a little help from my friends I’ve put together a list of lots of ideas that can help keep the fun and feelings of togetherness this year.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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Think of the Positives

Clarissa Sidhom from  Modern Hipster Mama  says it perfectly “Instead of viewing Christmas staycation as a letdown, view it as an opportunity to rest and soak in the holiday spirit- without flight delays, Uncle Jack’s unprovoked political opinions, and in-laws fighting over who gets you Christmas Eve.”

Her and her family are doing things differently this year and “Instead of spending our entire break traveling around, we’re going to spend it in our pajamas, binging Netflix and eating all of the pumpkin pie by ourselves. We’re going to go all out decorating, because for once we’ll actually be home to enjoy it.

And this year we’re going to start creating our own little traditions to last a lifetime. After years of crazy holiday seasons, we are grateful for a chance to breathe in the winter air and truly enjoy being together.”

This Christmas will be different, but that doesn’t necessarily mean its a bad thing!

Keep Traditions Alive, Virtually

Just because you won’t physically be together this year, doesn’t mean you can’t do the same things together.

For example, Sarah from Keep Calm and Eat Ice Cream says ‘My Mum and I always do heaps of baking at Christmas. This year we’ll be having a virtual video baking session. Mum will be at her place and me and my two boys will be at mine making gingerbread simultaneously on the video link.’  

In order to make the same cookies you can buy the same cookie cutters from Amazon and share the recipe in advance.

Sarah goes on to say ‘And we will video call my in-laws to open up presents together on Christmas morning’ which is a wonderful way to keep the tradition alive.  

Opening presents is such a big part of Christmas that doing it virtually is an easy way to feel connected.

Bonus Ideas:

1.Wear the same pajamas. 

If everyone video chatting is wearing the same thing it connects you and is a great photo opp.

Check out these matching pajamas on Etsy

Start New Christmas Traditions During Covid

New Christmas Traditions to Start Covid

If we want to find a silver lining this Christmas, it’s that it enables us to have a ‘fresh start’ and change up how we do Christmas.

Maybe not travelling allows you to have a family breakfast with Pancakes decorated like Santa or Christmas Eve can be filled with watching Christmas movies and drinking hot chocolate out of hot chocolate bombs (a new fun trend).

Here are some more new Christmas traditions to start:

1.  Begin an advent calendar countdown.

Check out our 2020 favorite non-candy advent calendars here.

2.  Give Christmas Eve boxes to everyone.

Pack in your matching pajamas, a new book and a small toy and open them on Christmas Eve.  Everyone can wear their new pajamas that night and read their new Christmas book.  

3.  Cut down your own Christmas tree.

A great outdoor activity for when you want to avoid crowds.

4.  Adopt a family and buy gifts for them.

Reach out to your local church or charity to find a family who could benefit from some extra cheer.

Ways To Celebrate Christmas Dinner During Covid

Christmas dinner is a big deal at many homes.  To keep the traditions alive make food the thing that brings you all together.

1.  Cook Together  

Have Zoom or FaceTime running while you are cooking.  You don’t have to be talking to each other, but having some company while preparing the meal and checking in with each other is a simple way to be connected that day.

2.  Trade Recipes

If you will miss your Aunt’s famous mashed potatoes or Grandma’s pie ask to get the recipe in advance.  You can even create a recipe book of all your family’s Christmas specialties.  These would make great Christmas gifts for the family as well.  

3.  Make Enough For Everyone

If your family is local, but keeping their distance make enough food for everyone and drop it off.  

4.  Make a Place Setting For The Computer

If you are going to eat ‘together’ then set a nice place at the table for the computer as if the other person or family were there.  

Christmas Gifts During The Pandemic

Melissa from Pretty Delightful points out that “this is a great year to start or expand a tradition of making holiday gifts! 

Handmade gifts can be so much more personal, they can help you avoid crowded shops, save you money, and even create opportunities to employ your kids in activities since canceled events will create a void this year.

Plus, you can use the occasion to teach kids more about giving as an expression of love and gratitude.’

For more on the benefits of DIY gifts see her post on 7 Reasons To DIY Your Gifts.  

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Christmas Decor During Quarantine 

Christmas ornaments with a 2020 theme can lighten the mood when celebrating during Covid.  Handmade ornaments can be added to the tree this year and one day they will be talking points to future generations. 

Conclusion: How To Celebrate Christmas During Covid

2020 is a year for the books, celebrating apart is difficult and just won’t be the same, BUT by being creative you can still make memories you will have forever and maybe some new traditions too!

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