This beautiful Sunflower Art for Kindergarten (or preschool!) is the perfect activity for little hands.  Sunflower art and crafts are the perfect way to brighten up a classroom. 

They can also be used for Mothers Day Gifts or Decor at home.  Framed next to some real sunflowers is great early fall decor.

My daughter is about to start Kindergarten this fall, which means we can start doing more complex art projects.  This sunflower seed project may have been too complicated at the start of preschool, but now she is a pro at gluing and getting better at cutting.  

Learning opportunities for this sunflower art activity:

Sunflower art seed project


To make the little petals your four or five year old will need to cut pretty straight. But the project is still adorable even if the petals aren’t perfect


Little ones like gluing everywhere when given the chance, this activity requires a bit more intention with the glue

I hope you enjoy this Sunflower Art for Kindergarten!




supplies for sunflower art project

Sunflower Seeds

Green, yellow and black (or blue) construction paper

Scissors (our favorite for little hands)

White school glue


1.  Have your child cut long strips of yellow paper.  You can use a ruler ahead of time and make light pencil lines to help them cut straight.

kindergartner cutting

2. Fold the paper strips in half and cut each strip a second time.

3. Create a circle of glue in the center of the black construction paper to make the head of the sunflower.

glue circle

4. Place the strips of paper around the glue circle

5. Next, add a second circle of glue on top of the original circle, covering the newly laid yellow strips of paper.

6. Loop each strip up towards the center, press firmly for a second before moving to the next strip.

7. Have your child cut a stem and leaves from the green paper. You can draw them out for them to cut out.  Glue the stem and leaves on the paper.

 8. Add a generous amount of glue in the center of the yellow paper loops. (this was my daughter’s favorite part of course!)

sunflower art for preschool

9. Sprinkle on sunflower seeds, spreading them out to fill in the center of the flower.

sunflower seeds and construction paper project

 Allow to dry and display.

These flowers can be hung up or even framed for some early fall art around the house.  

I hope you enjoyed this Sunflower Art for Kindergarten!

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