Use this guide to plan your perfect fall with your toddler.  Full of toddler activities for fall including toddler friendly fall crafts, autumn books and seasonal food favorites.

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Why Fall is a Great Time of Year for Toddlers


The hot days of summer have come to an end and the cooler weather is coming. Fun holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving are on the horizon and this brings about opportunity to expose to your toddler to new things.  


Gets Them Outside

Experts recommend that toddlers have at least 3 hours of outside time everyday. Fall makes it easy to go outside for longer periods of time without worrying about overheating.  Depending on where you live, you can go pick seasonal fall fruit, like apples, or head out to a farm and run through a corn maze.


Outdoor Fall Activities With Toddlers

1.  Apple Picking – tip: bring some water and fruit spray because everyone will want to eat straight from the tree, but the apples could have dirt and other residue on them 

2.  Visit a Farm – go for a hayride, run through a corn maze

3.  Go to a Pumpkin Patch – pick up a few small pumpkins for activities later (example, let your toddler paint them)  

4.  Go the Zoo – fall has less crowds and it will be cooler outdoors.  

5.  Rake leaves – then jump in piles of leaves 

6.  Decorate – the outside of your house for Halloween or Thanksgiving

7.  Walk in the woods/Go for a Hike – Pick up leaves along the way for some of the crafts below

Outdoor Fall Toddler Toys

Here are a few fall specific toys that your 2 or 3 year old will love and will encourage them to stay outside a little longer.

Rake – Pick up a cute toddler rake that is height and weight appropriate for them to use while helping you rake up some leaves. This one on Amazon has high ratings and is designed for little one.  See it here.

Wheelbarrow – Toddlers love helping, with this adorable red wheelbarrow they can load it up with leaves and other garden trimmings and follow you around the garden.  See it on Amazon here.

TrampolineThis trampoline can be used inside or outside.  In fall take it outside and encourage them to stay outdoors a little longer.  With fall leaves all around you can take some cute photos too!  See it on Amazon here.


New Sensory & Gross Motor Activities

Fall can provide some great sensory and gross motor skill opportunities. Pulling out the seeds of a pumpkin and learning to use a rake are two examples of getting your toddler physically involved in fall.

Our Favorite Fall Toddler Activities

Toddler Fall Crafts

You can’t spend all day outside so when it's time to come indoors and warm up pick from any of the crafts below to spend some quality time together.

Toddler fall crafts can also be placed around the house to add to fall decor or can be used in Thanksgiving centerpieces or used as name place cards at the holiday table.  Friends and family will love the personal touches

Toddler Fall Books

Books are a great way to teach your 2 or 3 year old about fall holidays. And it's nice to add a few new titles to your collection to keep things interesting at bedtime.  These fall toddler books were selected based on our own experience with them or chosen based on the highest Amazon reviews. Enjoy!

Toddler Fall Favorite Recipes

Your toddler may be in the middle of a  picky eater phase, but that is the perfect time to try fall food.  

Pumpkin, Apples and Squash are in season and the mild flavour can be added to recipes without them knowing or they can become favorites and they be center stage.

Other fall traditions you can try:

Drink some hot chocolate

Carve a pumpkin

Go for a fall walk in the woods


Conclusion:  Everything Fall for Toddlers: Crafts, Activities, Food & Books

Sweater weather is here and your toddler is about to have so much fun this fall with the help of the above ideas.  I would love to see your fall photos – you can find me on instagram at 

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