Fall harvest time means delicious apples, squash and pumpkin.  Adding seasonal fruits and vegetables to your toddler meals will expose them to new flavors and get them in the sweater weather mood!

Toddler Meals – Fall Favorites


What is in season in the fall

It depends exactly where you live, but in general if you’re in North America the following toddler friendly food is in season


Green Beans





Sweet potato

Winter Squashes

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My Toddler is in a Picky Eater Phase – Help!


Toddlers can go from loving one food to hating it in what seems like a day.  They can get stuck in a “beige phase” and only want to eat pasta, crackers and rice.  

Trying new vegetables and fruits in different ways is one approach to exposing your toddler to new foods.  They may love chomping on an apple or prefer it cooked down into an applesauce.  

You will only know by trial and error.  The recipes below are a collection that feature different methods of cooking for the same fruit or vegetable.

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Toddler Meals - Fall Favorite Recipes

A collection of our favorite toddler-friendly recipes featuring Autumn Vegetables and Fruit. 

These apple and orange yogurt parfaits are great for when the season is just starting to change from warm months (orange/citrus flavors) to cooler fall months (apple, honey).

A healthy breakfast that won't lead to a sugar crash for your toddler.

Your toddler can also help prepare them!

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These Apple Peanut Butter "Teeth" can be eaten anytime, but are extra fun around Halloween.

The marshmallows add a bit of sugar, but you can balance it out with natural peanut butter and the fiber in the apples.

Toddlers will love this silly snack.

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If you have an Instant Pot (click to see on Amazon) then you cam make this easy apple sauce for your toddler after heading out to the farm to pick apples.

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Toddlers love muffins, but they are often loaded with sugar and fats. Joyfully Thriving has lightened up her original recipe to make these more kid friendly.

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Sometimes not telling your toddler what they are eating is a vegetable will get them to try it - fritters are a great way to sneak in those vegetables.

These are baked not fried, which also makes them a better choice for little ones

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Pumpkin in french toast? Yum! Mix up your weekend breakfasts and add some fall flavors.

Cutting them into sticks also makes them easier for little hands.

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These soft cookies are great for young toddlers and keeping them in ball form is fun.

If they are an older toddler they can help roll the balls with you.

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This collection of zucchini recipes all look delicious, but the most toddler friendly is the zucchini bread.

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If you have any pumpkin puree left over from the above recipes and don't know what to do with it - these low sugar pumpkin cheesecake pancakes are the perfect solution.

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Kid approved stove top oatmeal with apples and cinnamon. Your house is going to smell amazing after this breakfast.

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Conclusion: 10 Toddler Meals: Fall Favorites

Fall is the perfect time to teach your toddler about where their food comes by going apple picking and to a pumpkin patch.  If they are involved in the picking they will be more likely to try these new fruits and vegetables.

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