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10 New Year Resolutions For A Happier Family [INFOGRAPHIC]

Try these New Year resolutions for healthier, happier, and close family ties in the year of the pig! Get your heart and mind ready to commit to these resolutions.

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In this article:

  1. Eat Healthily
  2. Exercise as a Family
  3. Read More
  4. Make Household Chores More Enjoyable
  5. Practice Good Financial Habits and Goals
  6. Unplug Your Devices
  7. Sleep More
  8. Practice Kindness
  9. Go Out on More Dates with Your Partner
  10. Go Green

New Year Resolutions to Make the Family Closer

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1. Eat Healthily

Happy Family Talking To Each Other While Having Breakfast Together At Home | New Year Resolutions for a Happier Family

Parents should always be a good example to their children and letting them see you practice healthy eating habits can improve their habits as well. They can also create good food relationships if they start practicing the habits early on.

To make them more interested in healthy food, you can let your kids help you in the kitchen by allowing them to assist you in prepping the meals or cleaning the table. You can also let them engage in your family meal planning to make them feel involved and use this time to strengthen your bond, too.

2. Exercise as a Family

family playing basketball together | New Year Resolutions for a Happier Family

Regular exercise is always recommended to keep your body in shape, and performing this with the whole family is a lot healthier and merrier. You can simply take a walk for 30 minutes or an hour at the park every day or play outdoors with your kids and partner.

You may want to enroll in a program in your community involving families in physical activities. This does not only let the whole family do the workout, but it also allows you to have fun with your loved ones.

3. Read More

Multi Generation Family Reading Book On Garden Seat | New Year Resolutions for a Happier Family

Include reading in your list of New Year resolutions as it enhances one’s creative mind, and this activity makes it even exciting with the whole family. Find age-appropriate books for your kids and read together with them.

If you have books you haven’t opened in a long time, utilize them and allow your kids to enjoy the story with you. You also have the option to go to a public library nearby if you think it’s more fun to go out and read outside your home.

4. Make Household Chores More Enjoyable

Family cleaning house | New Year Resolutions for a Happier Family

Doing household chores is one of the first things you teach your children. Assign each of your kids with some chores and keep a chore chart so you don’t have to remind them every time.

Having a chore jar is also a form of motivation for kids to do household chores. It’s a good time to teach your children that they can be rewarded if they put in the work.

Make sure the chore you’re assigning to your child fits his/her age, and you’ll see to it your child will enjoy doing it. For example, for 6-7-year-old children, you can let them arrange their beds every time they wake up in the morning.

For older children ages 9-11 years old, they can already do kitchen work or start learning to care for the yard.

5. Practice Good Financial Habits and Goals

Family holding pink piggy coin bank | New Year Resolutions for a Happier Family

Add practicing good financial habits and goals to your New Year resolutions and teach your children about proper budgeting and saving money. This helps them manage their own money as they grow older.

For example, when you’re doing groceries with them and you pick cheaper but good-quality items, you can explain to them why you chose those to let them understand better.

You may also encourage them to have their own piggy banks to save money. Let them set a goal with the money they save to motivate them, like buying something they really want from their own pockets.

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6. Unplug Your Devices

Family of four playing at board game | New Year Resolutions for a Happier Family

Today is the age of high-end technology, and many kids spend their childhood playing gadgets. You can unfollow this tradition and spend time with them without using any gadgets as one of your New Year resolution ideas.

Bond outdoors and play board games with the family rather than staying glued to electronics. Make it a habit of playing with them instead of letting them think they can only play and have fun with their gadgets.

7. Sleep More

Mother and child reading a book in bed before going to sleep | New Year Resolutions for a Happier Family

Getting enough sleep is always a healthy habit and should be included in your New Year’s resolution list. Become healthier and more productive by sleeping for at least eight hours every night.

Talk to your children about nightly routines and sleep schedules. You can also use a bedtime checklist to help them sleep better.

Read them bedtime stories when they are lying in bed, so you can have quality time with them before they go to sleep. You can also opt for a glass of milk for each kid to promote better sleep.

8. Practice Kindness

Beautiful family outside their house looking away | New Year Resolutions for a Happier Family

Practicing kindness is also another good thing to include to your New Year resolutions. Teach your children to be kind by showing good examples.

Being compassionate to your partner and helping others in the community can give them a refresher on manners. You can also teach your children to share whatever they can with other children. Make them understand that kindness is beautiful and healthy for everyone.

9. Go Out on More Dates with Your Partner

Couple having wine | New Year Resolutions For A Happier Family

Occasional date nights with your partner will benefit your romance and family connections. Try your best to have some time with your partner, at least every week, to spice up your relationship.

Make each date night more fun by not just eating out but also doing fun activities, like watching movies in movie houses or drinking wine at the park.

If you’re worried about who is going to be with your children, especially if you have younger kids, you can ask someone from the family to look after them. Your parents might be more than willing to babysit and are just waiting for your call.

10. Go Green

Woman and girl preparing waste paper for recycling at home | New Year Resolutions for a Happier Family

Going green is good for your family, your wallets, and even the planet. Practice this by recycling, reusing grocery bags, or joining your local community’s environmental programs.

For plastics, you can maximize your creative skills and make something out of the plastics as a house décor, for example. Involve your children in making your creations so they can also practice their creative skills.

Let them understand that what you’re doing is good for the family and the environment. You can watch DIY tutorials online to guide you on what you can create out of your plastic trash.


Don’t forget to download, save, or share this handy infographic for reference:

infographic | 10 New Year Resolutions for a Happier Family

Watch this video about the 10 New Year resolutions to make a family happier:

With these New Year resolutions, achieving healthier, happier, and closer family relationships won’t be difficult. They are not expensive and will only require your time and effort to do them.

Practice these top 10 New Year’s resolutions now and be the first household to make a good change for the future of your family’s every generation of culture.

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What other New Year resolutions for the family can you share with us? Let us know in the comments section!

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