7 Tips On How To Spot Good Swim Lessons For Toddlers

Last updated on December 11th, 2022 at 11:17 pm

If you are planning to enroll your toddler in swim lessons, you definitely want to have the best program and instructor you can find. Getting good swimming lessons for your little one matters a lot. For most parents this is your child’s first introduction to water, and this potentially life-saving skill. Your toddler will definitely enjoy the summer more if they can master the basics of swimming! Read on for tips on finding the best swim lessons for toddlers, and help your kiddo make a splash!

Swim Lessons for Toddlers | 7 Tips You Should Know

1. Choose a Swimming Program with Flexibility

The first thing you need to do is choose a swimming program that’s flexible. This means checking if the program has a well-established pre-set curriculum, so your child has the chance to learn many new things. Also, consider if the program will allow your child to progress quickly if he or she needs to learn more.

2. High-Standard Instructions Are Also Important

The key to learning and teaching is with the instructions. Find out if the program has a good set of instructions that kids can easily understand, with high-quality standards. The standards should include the best and most up-to-date instruction methods and regular evaluation of the students for competence.

3. Has Qualified Knowledgeable Teachers

Has Qualified Knowledgeable Teachers | Tips on How to Spot Good Swim Lessons for Toddlers
Teachers play an essential role in the learning process of your child. An ideal scenario is to have two teachers in a class, one that’s assigned to the pool and the other is outside the pool. Teachers should also have that “cheerful” vibe, so children will not get bored during class.

4. Class Size

A large class is not beneficial because individual learning of the students will not be monitored. A class should only consist of 4-5 students per instructor, so the learning process of each is always the priority.

5. Teachers Should Know Each Student’s Water Skills

Because teachers do the monitoring of each child’s learning progress, they should be aware of your child’s water skills, like moving around in the water and buoyancy. It’s also part of the teacher’s job to let their students understand that swimming is also a way of staying fit. Enrolling your child in swim lessons for toddlers just for the sake of learning the basics of swimming does not guarantee a good swimming lesson.

6. Fun and Games

On top of the teachers being cheerful in class, the swimming program should include fun and games too. This is a good learning approach for your child because they’ll be engaged. Your child will appreciate it more if they can learn to swim in a fun way.

7. Commitment to Your Child’s Progression

Commitment to Your Child’s Progression | Tips on How to Spot Good Swim Lessons for Toddlers
Does the swimming program involve communication with you, as a parent, about the learning progress of your child? This is another important thing to consider too in choosing the right swimming program. It is your right as a parent to know how your child is doing in the swimming program.

Learn how your child can float in the water in this video with AquaMobile Swim School:

YouTube video

Understanding these toddler swim lesson tips will help you choose which swimming program is best for your little one. It may require a little bit of your patience in finding the right fit, but ensuring your child’s learning process is more important. After all, your child is there to learn to swim in the safest, most effective way.

Are you now thinking of which swimming program for toddlers you’ll enroll your child in? Let us know in the comments section below!

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