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7 Best Learning Toys For Toddlers

Last updated on November 17th, 2022 at 01:43 am

Choosing the best learning toys for toddlers can sometimes take too much of your time. You need to consider not just the educational values, your budget, where to actually buy one, but also you need to make sure it complies CPSC standards for your child’s safety. All that is enough to cause every mom’s head spinning. But worry not, I have here below a list to help you save time in finding the learning resources and educational toys.

7 Creative Learning Toys for Toddlers to Try


1. VTech Musical Rhymes Book


Visually engaging and filled with melodies and songs, this musical rhymes book is something to love. If you want your child to enjoy colors and sounds while building fine motor skills, then get this toy now.

Amazon Review: “My 16-month-old daughter absolutely loves this toy. She sings along with it, it’s very interactive. It entertains her for car rides and also at restaurants. The volume can be turned fairly low so it doesn’t interrupt many people walking out and about. My three-year-old also likes it. This is the third variation of this item that we have purchased because my kids enjoy them that much.”DadStayedHome

Amazon Price: $11.99

2. Shape Sorting Clock

Time is one of the most important measurements your toddler must learn. While this shape sorting clock teaches the early familiarity of time, it also engages your toddler as it pops vibrant colors. It’s also made of chunks with shapes and numbers that challenge your little one to identify the time.

Amazon Review: “Melissa & Doug puzzles are the best quality! I also love the artwork and designs. I swear they’re the only ones who make these wooden puzzles anymore. Lots of great designs! & I love that they always have ideas for activities on the back. The clock puzzle is made up of nice thick, durable pieces. It’s gotten a lot of use and still looks brand new. Great for toddlers and young kids. You can use it to teach shapes, numbers, and to tell time. The hands of the clock do rotate around the clock face.”Tiffany P 

Amazon Price: $21.90

3. LeapFrog Leaptop

Minutes or even hours of interactive and electronic learning is what this toy offers. LeapFrog Leaptop is a developmental computer that features the alphabet, nursery rhymes, and spelling engaging your kids to have fun while learning.

Tip: You can keep your toddler busy as he/she learns using this toy while you’re also busy working on your own laptop. Kids love to play pretend like an adult, so this toy is perfect for the working parents who have kids.

Amazon Review: “Okay, with buying hundreds of baby toys now, I usually rate based on overall value. Considering things like price, quality, educational value, how much my daughter will use it, features to keep it interesting, etc… This is an excellent purchase! My daughter is almost 1.5 and very into pointing to things to learn what they are. This toy was so cheap, very educational, great quality overall. There are features she can grow into and features she can enjoy now. I would highly recommend this toy! Probably one of the best purchases I have made in a long time.”AZShopper

Amazon Price: $24.99

4. Melissa & Doug’s Jumbo Cardboard Blocks


Strong motor skills are what your toddler can get from playing Melissa & Doug’s jumbo blocks. Allow them to walk, carry, and build colorful blocks as you assist them. This set has 40 pieces of blocks which aren’t heavy for your toddlers to hold.

Amazon Review: “These blocks are pretty awesome. They are very durable. Assembly will take some time. The first few you do will take some time. Start with the red blocks first. All the boxes assemble the same way. The red blocks are bigger and easier to see how things are supposed to be done. I start in the middle of the block and fold it together from the middle from each side. The little one loves them. He likes to watch us stack them. Then he dances around the creation. Make a wall, build buildings, sort by color and size. 40 blocks is a good start. I believe locally they may sell these in sets of 20. Amazon had the better deal at the moment. I wish there were more bigger blocks. I may buy another kit in a few months maybe when the little one turns 3 he would be more involved and creative in his designs. You could get enough to make a block fort.”Mike S

Amazon Price: $35.55

5. Learning Resources’ Camping Set

If you want your toddler’s imagination to develop as early as 2-3 years old, then this toy’s a good pick. Let them play indoors or outdoors with adult supervision as they build their camp. S’mores, hotdogs, and lamps are what they can work with using this camping set.

Amazon Review: “My three-year-old has been wanting this toy for his birthday for awhile and he’s turning four in a few weeks so I decided to go ahead and purchase this for him. The quality seems really great and durable plus the whole idea is just absolutely adorable. I’m excited to give it to him and will upload pictures then.” -Amanda L

Amazon Price: $21.89

6. Smart Shots Sports


One of the learning toys for toddlers that focuses on sports is this one. Smart Shots Sports feature basketball and soccer for ages 2-3 years. Interactive pages and buttons are also present, making your little sports star love this more. So as your toddler shoots or kicks the ball, he/she can develop strong motor skills while having fun.

Amazon Review: “I love this toy but more importantly, so does my son! I got this for my 20-month-old and he is obsessed with the soccer and basketball ball toy this comes with. He will just put the balls in the hoop over..and over… and over! We all know that with most toys, kids will not stay interested for long. We have had this toy for three months now (it was a xmas gift), and he still enjoys playing with it. My son also loves to see the numbers flash on the screen because he will say the number. Putting the toy together was super easy and simple, just make sure you buy the required batteries because this toy does not come with them. I have a small living room, and I’d say it does not take too much space.” Fran

Amazon Price: $29.82

7. Fisher-Price Smart Stages Mower

This toy has built-in smart stages features that allow the learning content to change as your toddler grows. Also, your toddler’s motor skills can develop as he/she pushes the Fisher-Price Smart Stages Mower, activating the sing-along songs and phrases.

Amazon Review: “On a whim, I purchased this for my nephew as a gift. Lucky for me, I came across it at the perfect time because the sale price was the deal of the century! However, had I known how much he would LOVE it, I would have paid double! The songs are super fun, and he will be able to enjoy this for a couple years, which is great! The best feature of the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Mower is that as he grows and advances to the next level, the songs and phrases change, too. These age-appropriate advancements make playtime fun and educational! Thank you so much for helping me become the #BestAuntEver! :-)” Tara Brown

Amazon Price: $15.92


If the list of learning toys for toddlers above isn’t enough for your child, then here’s an educational video from Genevieve’s Playhouse-Toy Learning for Kids’ channel your toddler can learn from. Press the play button to watch the video!

YouTube video

Let your little ones’ minds open as they engage in fun and creative learning toys for toddlers. Always be there to assist and cheer on them even in the smallest of achievements so they’ll feel loved and inspired.

Do you have anything else to add to our list of learning toys for toddlers? Tell us in the comments section below!

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