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11 Ways To Baby Proof Your Home Without Losing Its Character

Last updated on November 17th, 2022 at 01:53 am

Baby proofing your home is a no-brainer, but how to do it without completely altering your home’s aesthetic sure is a head-scratcher. But did you know there are simple ways to go about it without making some drastic changes (or blowing your home decor budget)? We have come up with 11 simple ways to baby proof your home without losing its character. With this baby proofing list, you can breathe easy knowing you have a safe yet beautiful place for your little one to call home.

Ideas To Baby Proof Your Home

General Rules

1. Educate your Child Early

Sometimes, baby proofing is as simple as teaching your kid some basic house rules early on. Sure, there will be some resistance in the beginning, but consistency and reward will help your kid understand what to do and what not to do no matter how old they are. You can even turn a teaching opportunity into a game or sing it in a song.

  • Teach what each household item’s purpose is – This way, your kid will not get adventurous or play around with a household item.
  • Let them know what “hot,” “dirty” or “gross,” and “ouchie” mean – Ovens, garbage cans, and even innocent disposable razors can be dangerous to your kid.
  • Secure or take anything of danger away from reach – Organize cords at the back of an appliance. Add plug sockets on exposed cords. Don’t delay in safely disposing of potential hazards like old batteries and broken bulbs, and make sure knives and scissors are tucked away out of reach.


2. Get a Portable High Chair


A portable, durable high chair is a great solution when you are busy in the kitchen. Simply put your kid on it once secured on a stable dining chair, give him or her some toys to play with and you have both hands free! The shoulder straps make it easy to keep your child secured. It even comes in several designs and is machine-washable too! But of course, make sure you keep an eye on your little one!

3. Go Electric and Plastic

Electric-powered ovens, decorative candles, and other burners keep your kid safe from potential burns. Most of these appliances and other items come with a baby proof feature anyway − or you can search for brands that do. If you do not want to eat or drink out on plastic ware, you can at least substitute your kid’s dining ware with cute plastic ware to avoid breakage.


4. Ditch the Bathtub


A bathtub filled with water can pose a lot of risks. Use a shower instead or a shallow basin with a drain feature. If your bathtub is a permanent fixture in your home, make sure you keep the drain open to keep it from collecting water.  Never leave your kid unattended when bathing either.

5. Lock your Toilet Lid

You cannot deny the fact the toilet is a breeding ground for bacteria. To keep your kid from exploring the toilet and getting his or her fingers caught on the lid, install a toilet lid lock.  You can get it from any local hardware store. Ask a handyman to install it properly for you.

6. Put a Non-slip Mat on the Shower/Bathing Area

Bathwater and soap, and even the baby sunscreen you put on your kid, have emollients that could make the bathroom floor slippery. A non-slip mat helps reduce this risk, even if your kid plays with the soap during bath time. Just make sure you clean the non-slip mat every now and then as they can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Bedrooms and Living Room

7. Get A Safe Bike

Kids do play around in the house a lot. To help work off all that kiddie energy (and tire them out enough to get them to sleep early), get them any of these age-appropriate toddler bikes they will love. You can even get a custom one in blue or pink. You will thank us later.

8. Use Removable, Washable Covers

Sometimes, it seems like your kids are allergic to using paper when coloring. Often, your couch, bed, or pillows will end up as unwilling canvases for your kid’s “artwork.” Removable, washable covers safeguard your surfaces from these little accidents. You can even get and switch around covers with various designs too!

9. Use Cordless Fixtures and Devices

Some household items now come in cordless variants. Eliminate the danger of loose and hanging wires and cords by getting cordless blinds and appliances. In addition to making your home safer, cleaning up those cords make your home look neater and more modern.

10. Layer with Padded Rugs or Mats


If your kid is just learning to walk, padded rugs or mats will be lifesavers. These will soften your kid’s fall and avoid some painful bumps or scratches. Your knees and hips will thank you too if you do a little bit of roughhousing with your kid as well.

11. Go Minimal or Multipurpose with Furniture

Having a kid at home means having the tendency to have a lot of new, additional items. These can easily crowd your home, and can even pose potential dangers. Pare your furniture and appliances down to the basic essentials and opt for multipurpose furniture. For example, your kid may outgrow a trendy crib, so consider convertible cribs and toddler beds to eliminate added expense and clutter.


Check out these essential baby proofing ideas in this video by Today:

YouTube video

There are tons of baby proofing checklists and baby proofing products on the market today, but the best baby proofing ideas are quite simple, make a lot of sense, and don’t necessarily have you sacrificing your home’s look.

What other baby proofing ideas have you implemented in your home? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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