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Add These 11 Toddler Bath Toys For More Bath Time Fun

These toddler bath toys prove that learning and having fun doesn’t stop in the bathroom. This article lists the best tub toys for toddlers, from trusty rubber duckies to an educational toy rain cloud. Get a load of these tub toys that will have you and your little ones squealing with delight once bath time rolls around!

Toddler Bath Toys to Make Bath Time Better

1. Wind Up Swimming Penguin Toy

Your little one will surely have a blast during bath time, thanks to this wind-up penguin toy. All you have to do is rotate the arms of the penguin to start its winding mechanism. The best part is, the arms are small enough for your child to do the winding on his/her own. Also, just in case you were curious, the brand uses nontoxic materials in its toys. This means you can rest easy knowing your little one’s safety and well-being is taken care of. There’s simply no need to worry on your end.
Skills Developed: Eye-Hand coordination skills<
Pro: Encourages imaginative play
Rating: 5 Star
Price: $4.99

2. Fishing Bath Toy

It’s time for your little one to go fishing in the bathroom tub! Your child will love catching the fish with his/her magnetic fishing rod. Watch as s/he takes on the fishing challenge with the bobbing bath toys. The magnets on both the toys and the rod make for easy catching and are a great way to pass time. By the way, this toy also makes for a great tool when it comes to improving your child’s hand-eye coordination.
Skills Developed: Eye-Hand coordination skills
Pro: Teaches cause and effect
Rating: 4+ Star
Price: $7.73

3. Floating Bath Toys with Net

Is your toddler too young to play with a fishing bath toy? Try this BPA-free, Phthalate-free, and PVC-free handheld net for a change — it’s harmless and makes for a fun bath time toy. Want more treasures to catch with the net? No worries, simply add more of your child’s favorite floating toys in the bathtub since the net is big enough anyway.
Skills Developed: Eye-Hand coordination skills
Pro: Develops dexterity, reinforces math and number awareness
Rating: 4+ Star
Price: $7.79

4. Basketball Bath Toy

Bring your favorite sport to the tub and let your little one practice shooting some hoops. The basketball hoop is easy to secure on the bathtub faucet and stays up even if your superstar athlete chooses to slam a dunk from his seat! Now, isn’t that just a nifty little feature? You never know, this sport’s bath toy might just give you the next all-star basketball MVP as a child!
Skills Developed: Eye-Hand coordination skills
Pro: Develops dexterity
Rating: 4+ Star
Price: $14.95

5. Bath Fountain Rocket

This super cool bath fountain rocket lifts off and creates a dome-like shape with the water it carries. It’s definitely bound to keep you and your child entertained during bath time. To tell you the truth, your little one might even not want to get out of the tub with this toy in the room. S/he will probably keep wanting you to pour water all over his/her head, just so s/he can see the water rushing down in such a pretty manner.
Skills Developed: Social and Emotional Development
Pro: Helps with hair washing
Rating: 4+ Star
Price: $10.85

6. Rain Cloud Toy

Prefer something a little more educational? Teach your kids all about the cycle of water with this rain cloud toy that balances both magic and learning. It’ll definitely keep your curious little ones on their toes as they learn more about the Earth and its waterworks. Clean up is a cinch too because the toy has a handy hidden release mechanism that allows for easy opening and cleaning.
Skills Developed: Cognitive Development
Pro: Teaches cause and effect
Rating: 4+ Star
Price: $13.99

7. Duck Sponge

This duck sponge is a bath time essential tool and a super cute toy all rolled in one. The material is soft enough for your little one’s skin but firm enough for a good rub-a-dub-dub in the tub. Also, in case you’re interested, there are other designs to choose from such as a frog, an owl, and a puppy. Simply ask your child about which animal s/he would like to see swimming in the bathtub. Of course, if you’re feeling in the mood for a splurge, you can opt to buy all the designs.
Skills Developed: Motor Skill Development
Pro: Practices dexterity
Rating: 3+ Star
Price: $7.99

8. Rubber Duckies

Rubber Duckies | Add These Toddler Bath Toys For More Bath Time Fun | bath tub toys
What’s a good ol’ bathtub toy list without the much-loved rubber ducky? This duck toy set comes in a set of 4, where the biggest duck can hold all the smaller ducks on its back. By the way, the smaller ducks can be used as water squirters as well, so be prepared to get splashed on and become (even more) wet as you give your child a bath.
Skills Developed: Motor Skill Development
Pro: Practices dexterity
Rating: 4 Star
Price: $6.85

9. Spin N Sort Spout Pro

Don’t worry, despite what first impressions give, this toy isn’t as complicated as it looks! It’s simply a toy with stackable cups, an automated spout, and spinning suction cup gears. All of these items, when arranged and put together, will keep your little one busy and entertained during his/her bath time. Let him/her explore by turning on the spout, rotating the gears, and using the cups as you watch him/her get an early lesson in cause and effect.
Skills Developed: Motor Skill Development and Cognitive Development
Pro: Practices dexterity and teaches cause and effect
Rating: 4 Star
Price: $29.95

10. Jellies Suction Cup Toys

Let these jellyfish lose in your tub without worrying about any unnecessary and nasty stings. These jellies are easy enough for your toddler to stick onto the tub, as long as you don’t forget to show them how to stick it on to the tub and walls first. The jellies can also be stacked on top of each other to create more shapes and structures, which in turn is a great channel for your child’s imagination.
Skills Developed: Cognitive Development
Pro: Increases imagination
Rating: 4 Star
Price: $12.99

11. Rub A Dub Tub Soup

Who says you can’t bring the kitchen to the bathroom? This rub a dub tub soup gives your little one a way to practice their budding culinary skills by letting them make their own soup in the tub. The set includes a soup ladle, a pot, a salt shaker squirter, and 9 foam veggies that stick to the wall when wet.
Skills Developed: Cognitive Development
Pro: Increases imagination
Rating: 4+ Star
Price: $19.00


Looking for more toddler bath toys to add to your Amazon shopping cart? Press play on the video below for more bath time toy options:

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These toddler bath toys show bath time is anything but boring. It’s simply yet another chance for you and your little one to bond and a chance for him/her to get educated in the process.

Which toddler bath toys did you love the most? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below because we’d be thrilled to hear all about them!

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