Whether you have twins, kids close in age or a limited budget – gifts for siblings to share can be a challenge to find. 

Depending on the age sharing may not be going so well, but joint gifts for siblings can be fun and can make great Christmas gifts to strengthen the bond and encourage more sister/brother play.  

Here is a list of our favorite gifts for multiple children in your family.



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15 Gifts for Siblings to Share

8.  Board Games - Ages 3+

Silly games like Twister and Pie Face are great for younger kids. 

They will have so much fun they won’t notice if they win or lose. 

For older kids, games like Settlers of Catan can be hours of fun and teach them strategic thinking.  

9.  Experience Gifts - Ages 1+

Tickets to a show, movie or concert are great for siblings and/or the whole family.  Memberships to a zoo, amusement park or kids museum are also great.  

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10. Sensory Bins - Ages 1+

We are a sensory bin family.  I love watching the creativity that comes out of my kids as they use their imagination while working with these bins.  Messy play is fun play!

You can order sensory bins that are already made or make your own.  Etsy is a great place to find pre-made bins.  Here are our favorites:

Sensory Bin Kit

Construction Theme

Christmas Bin

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Subscription Boxes - 2+

Subscription boxes are the gifts that keep on giving, as your children will continue to receive new boxes each month.  Kids can do the projects together or take on separate projects.

Our favorites:

11. Lillypost Book Subscription Box - Read our Review Here.

12. Raddish Cooking Box - Teach your kids how to cook with this monthly subscription box. Read more here.

13. Creation Crate - A STEM box that focuses on Electronics and Coding skills for 21st century careers. Each curriculum is authenticated by STEM.org.  Read more here.

14. For Purpose Box - The parents choice award winning box teaches kids how to be kind, do good and make the world a better place for others, animals and the environment through simple, fun and easy-to-do activities. Read more here.

15. Orange Art Box - Perfect for children that love crafts, this box is designed with a feature project and multiple smaller projects for hours of fun! Read More Here.

Conclusion – 15 Gifts for Siblings to Share

Whether you are looking for Christmas Gifts or ‘just because’ joint presents, siblings gifts are a great alternative to buying individual gifts.  They encourage sharing and get the whole family together.  Enjoy!

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