Fun Activities to Do This Spring

50 Fun Activities to Do This Spring for Less

It is Spring! That glorious time of year where the weather is hopefully neither too hot nor too cold. So What should you be doing to celebrate these few months of pleasant weather before it’s summer? I have put together a list of a lot of family-friendly ideas that you can do on your own, with your spouse or as a family.

1. Go for a walk, especially in nature.

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2. visit and feed some ducks

3.go on a picnic. When the weather is beautiful, it’s an excellent opportunity to go on a picnic and enjoy your meal outdoors.

4. Take a hike

5. Go to the park.

6.  Go to the movies (spring and summer are a great time to do this as there are so many movies coming to theaters, exceptionally family-friendly options. We like to go in the mornings so that we only have to pay matinee prices or we go to the discount theater which plays movies that have been out for a while. The less we spend, the more often we can go.)

7. Blow some bubbles, especially fun when you have little kids

8. Make a bird feeder. Here is a super easy one to make with kids. My daughter loves doing projects like this. Find the directions here.

Kid made bird feeders; a fun & easy craft for Spring

9. Read books

10. Start a garden

11. Play board games. This is fun especially if you can get other family and friends to come over and join in on the fun.

12. Take a day trip to the Zoo.

13. go out for frozen yogurt.

14. Have a movie marathon at home one day.

15.Go and play miniature golf.

16. visit a farmer’s market.

17. Throw a barbecue for friends and family.

18. make a batch of cookies together.

19. Go somewhere you’ve never been before. It’s always fun to have an adventure now and then.

20. Make your own pizzas at home one night. Have a little pizza party.

21. Have a water balloon fight.

22. Watch a sunset

23. Go for a swim.

24. de-clutter your home

25. Make your own ice cream sundaes, with all kinds of fun toppings

26. Do a home project, like paint a wall or room.

27. visit a farm and see some baby animals.

28. go on a road trip

29. go fishing

30. Have a dance party. Put on some music and dance it out.

31. Press flowers. This was my daughter’s idea I asked her to think of something fun to do in spring. Directions on ways to do it here.

32. Play in the rain 

33. Organize your closets

34. go to the beach

35. Make a scrapbook

36. get a manicure

37. find a place to do some volunteer work

38. go to a craft fair

39. fly a kite

40. make s’mores

41. Eat Watermelon

42. Have a sno-cone

43. go out for brunch

44. Make pancakes for breakfast

45. Play games outside

46. go and pick strawberries

47. Go flower picking and make a bouquet

48. make a lemonade stand

49. Sleep outside in a tent

50. get a bunch of inexpensive craft supplies and have a craft day. Here is an example of a project here 

What ideas do you have for fun activities to do this Spring?