16 Unique Gifts For Kids Who Have Everything

The older your kids get, the more likely they already have everything they need, so buying them a gift becomes harder and harder.  

This list of Gifts for Kids who Have Everything ranges from unique personalized gifts to charitable donations in their name.  I hope this list helps you find the perfect gift for your kids!

Before You Get More Stuff

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You may have inherited a lot of stuff from friends or family with children older than yours, or you may have just accumulated a lot of gifts from your very generous circle of friends.  Either way your kids have plenty of toys and may not be sure what more they need. 

If this is the case:

Do a mass clean up before gift time – if you need help, the Bestselling tidying-up master is Marie Kondo (you may have seen her on Netflix recently) – pick up her book on Amazon before you tackle your kids stuff to help everyone experience joy with their remaining possessions (you’ll know what I’m talking about after reading her book!).

When You’re Done:

  • Donate the toys and books you’ve decided to let go
  • Pass on the love and give items to family and friends
  • Sell online
  • Have a garage sale

Trendy Gifts

Kids Bath Bombs Gift Set with Surprise Toys

Trendy gifts can give you an advantage as your child probably doesn’t have them yet.

This bath bomb set is made with organic, kid-friendly ingredients and each “bomb” has a toy inside.

If you aren’t familiar with bath bombs, they are small balls that “explode” (fizz) when placed in your child’s bath. They add color and scents and are a lot of fun.

Unicorn Hot Chocolate Bomb

Bombs again? Yes! But this time Hot Chocolate Bombs. You place these balls in a mug, pour over hot milk and watch the bomb transform into a delicious hot chocolate.

This unicorn one is kid friendly, but there are lots of different kinds out there on Etsy

Sensory Bins

Sensory bins are great gifts for younger kids.. Sensory bins are great for gross motor skills, imaginative play and quiet time.

Here are just a few different themed bins you can find pre-made on Etsy. You can also go to a craft store and make them yourself! That way you are guaranteed they don’t have it already.

Personalized Gifts For The Kid Who Has Everything

A special, unique gift for a child is something personalized.  This is especially great for a second or third child who may be used to inheriting hand-me-downs and would love something truly their own. Create Pinterest Pin

Personalized Reversible Sequin Pillow

These on trend reversible sequin pillows hide your child’s name, but with a few swipes of their hand reveal their name and a beautiful design.

See it on Etsy

Custom Name Crayons

Custom Name Crayons

Almost too cool to use, these name crayons will be a hit for sure for the coloring loving child.

See it on Etsy

Name Puzzle

These name puzzles can be used for play or decor. Pick your colors and wow your child with their own unique puzzle.

See it on Etsy

Memory Box For Kids

Memory Box For Kids

This beautiful handmade box can store your child’s ‘treasures’ pick their favorite animal and have one made special for them.

See it on Etsy

Kids Personalized Name Book

Kids Personalized Name Book

A personalized book gets your child into the story and will encourage them to pick up this book for bedtime reading.

See it on Etsy

Child’s Door Sign

Pick their favorite animal or character and have a hand painted sign made for their bedroom door

See it on Etsy

Subscription Boxes – Gift For the Kid Who Has Everything

These trendy boxes range from books to toys to STEM projects and are delivered monthly to your child for as long as you’d like.

It keeps the birthday celebrations going much longer and are filled with unique goodies they probably don’t have already. 

Lillypost Book Subscription Box Review – Favorite Things

Lillypost Review - Second Month Books

This book subscription box is perfect to get your little one excited about reading. Select the age appropriate box and get new boxes delivered monthly (you can even get them gift wrapped)

View our full review here

Creation Crate

Creation Crate

A STEM box that focuses on Electronics and Coding skills for 21st century careers. Each curriculum is authenticated by STEM.org. This means that everything you are learning has been reviewed and graded to make sure it meets the highest of standards in STEM education.

For Purpose Kids

PHOTO CREDIT: forpurposekids.com

The parents choice award winning box teaches kids how to be kind, do good and make the world a better place for others, animals and the environment through simple, fun and easy-to-do activities.

Orange Art Box

Perfect for the child that loves crafts this box is designed with a feature project and multiple smaller projects for hours of fun!

PHOTO CREDIT: orangeartbox.com

If your child can’t think of anything they want for their birthday ask them if they’d like to Donate it.  The following organizations will ask family and friends to donate to their cause instead of buying a gift.

This is a great way to teach empathy to your child, some organizations like, Echo Age (below) allow for a combination of charity and a few toys.

Pledge Your Birthday For Clean Water | charity: water

38 people get clean water as a result of an average Birthday campaign

Pledge Your Birthday to Save The Children

Pledge Your Birthday to Save The Children

PHOTO CREDIT: www.savethechildren.org

When you donate your birthday to Save the Children, you’re changing the lives of children and helping more children to reach their next birthday

Donate Your Birthday to the Charity of Your Choice

PHOTO CREDIT: www.echoage.com

Charity of your choice – select the charity and 1-2 toys your child really wants and guests to contribute to both. A win win for everyone

Conclusion – Gifts for the Kid Who Has Everything

Finding a unique, meaningful gift for a child who already owns so much can be challenging, but the above gifts should give you a great starting place. Whether you decide to personalize a gift, get a subscription box or donate to a charitable organization in their name, the kid in your life will be appreciate.

Happy Gifting!

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