If you are a parent looking for a sentimental first birthday gift for your baby or a loved one in search for sentimental baby gifts this roundup will give you some great ideas.  These gifts will be enjoyed for years to come and will ensure your child is given memorable gifts, as well as fun toys!

Read on for my favorite first birthday gift ideas from parents.

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Brooklyn Turns One

I wasn’t very sentimental or easily emotional until I had my daughter.

Now I am a hot mess.

Teary eyed reading Robert Munsch’s Love You Forever – every time. I cannot get through that story at bedtime!  You too?

If there is a commercial with a baby being born – bring on the tissue.

Or talk about an upcoming holiday and all I can think is “how can I make this memorable and special for Brooklyn?”.  What craft can I do to commemorate this first? What photo can I take to put in her memory book? How can she get involved in this day?

We are now at the point where her little friend’s are gearing up for their first birthdays.

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And I’ve been focused on finding presents that can Brooklyn can get them that are sentimental and meaningful and they can keep/use forever – or at least for a long time.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting a baby a toy for their birthday. They will love it immediately, where a sentimental first birthday gift might take years before they “get it”.

A way to solve that is include a little toy that ties into the more meaningful gift.

That way they have something to open and play with on the day and also something they will treasure for a lifetime.

Here is my list of my Best Sentimental Gifts for Baby’s 1st Birthday.  These ideas can also work for older birthdays, Christmas or other celebrations like a Baptism/Christening, etc…


Toy and Gift Ideas for 1 Year Old Girls

Toy and Gift Ideas for 1 Year Old Boys

Sentimental First Birthday Gift Guide –

for Parents & Loved Ones


1.  Teddy Bear made from a Baby’s Sleeper


My dear friend Ann is planning on getting my daughter one for her first birthday.  I have already picked the sleeper and am now just waiting to send it away. I will upload my finished bear when I receive it.

In the meantime above is the Etsy’s Store’s photo.  Is it wrong that I want to keep it for myself?!

Source: 4MonstersMerchandise

UPDATED! Here are the photos of my bears (yes – I did end up getting one for myself to keep!)

sentimental baby gifts

2.  Personalized 1st Birthday Cake Topper

Throw an amazing Teddy Bear Picnic Birthday Party - DIY & Tips

Brooklyn’s friend Claire received this cake topper on her first birthday.  It complimented the Teddy Bear Picnic party her parents threw her.

Her mom ordered it from this Etsy shop – Sweet N Tender Dreams 

UPDATE: Bummer!  The above store is taking a break, but here is another store that also does customized cake toppers.

Here is their version of a teddy bear cake topper to compare:

 First birthday present from parents cake topper

I love it because it can be passed down and kept as decor in her room while she is little.

3. Tree or Bush

rose bush for baby’s first birthday.

Buying something that can be planted and enjoyed year round (or in season depending on where you live) is so special.  Depending on the age the child can particpate in the planting and upkeep.  It can also be a teaching moment on how to care for a living thing.

And how sweet would it be to take a photo next to their tree or rose bush each year to see how both are growing?

If you can, go the extra step and look for names that match the child or are somehow connected to them.  For example, the roses are the color of their birthstone.

Toy to match:  gardening tools such as these or a kid sized lawn mower – classic for a reason.

  1. Quilt made from Baby’s clothing

Similar to the teddy bear above, make or have someone make a quilt from the baby or child’s clothing.  This is a more costly gift, but one they will keep forever I’m sure!

source: LoveMeForeverK

  1. Name Book




I got one of these for my niece for her first Christmas.  They are so cute and great for when they get a bit older and are learning their ABC’s and how to spell their name.  The illustrations are also lovely.

One thing to keep in mind, if the child has a short name this book won’t work, but another style where they don’t spell the name, but use it in the story instead would be great.  Board books would be great for this age.

For example:


I’m so excited to give our baby friend, Claire, her rose bush and bubble lawn mower in the next few weeks.  Firstly, because I know she will love both and secondly because her mom is just as much of a sap as I am (actually more, don’t tell her I said that).

Happy Gifting!

What’s the best sentimental baby gift you received as a child or your child has been given?


Toy and Gift Ideas for 1 Year Old Girls

Toy and Gift Ideas for 1 Year Old Boys

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