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Parenting | Top 50 Tips to Become the Best parent ever

Last updated on July 23rd, 2022 at 12:37 am

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About 90% of people (adults) become parents at some point in their lives. All of them dream to become the best parent in the world but when they actually reach the stage, they find it quite difficult. They become frustrated and confused by the parenting challenges. But there are so many researched and approved strategies and tools, if followed by the parents, they will not only become a successful parents but also enjoy a new life with their children. So, Read those perfect parenting tips below.

“Parenting is one of the most researched areas in the entire field of social science,”

Why positive parenting is important?

A Parent’s behavior is reflected in a child’s behavior, if you are having a good relationship with your child, you are going to raise a confident, honest, and healthy-minded human being.

Positive parenting helps protect the child from depression and anxiety, so many disorders, and even drug abuse.

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Tips for Successful Parenting:

So, here are the top 50 positive parenting tips:

1- You are the developer of your child’s self-confidence

You are the first person your child sees. You are going to be the first “Hero” of your little fan. The way you behave, the words you speak are going to build up her self-confidence. Make them feel protected. Let them know that you love them unconditionally.

2- Become a role model

Your words, actions, and even your body language are going to be absorbed into their subconscious. Your child is going to be your copy so you have to be the person you want your child to be.

3- Positive Parenting is based on trust

If you want your child to follow your instructions you have to develop a sense of trust. Your child should trust that my parent speak the truth only. Do not even tell a lie to a stranger. Never ask your child to open the door for visitors and tell them “mama is not home”.

Always fulfill your promise. If you said, “Finish your homework I will give you candy”. You should give her candy even if she forgets which she is not going to forget obviously.

 4- Set Limits and Be Consistent With Your Discipline

Setting certain limits and taking your child in control is definitely not a punishment. It is your responsibility to teach your child how to be disciplined. “Do not throw the food on the table!” saying this to your child is not that you are being harsh. It means you are teaching them how to behave at the dining table. Say this every time they throw food on the table. Remember, you may need to tell the same thing several times because children have a short memory. You’ll have to control your anger and negative emotions.

5- Become a good listener

Always be there to listen to your child. A problem that sounds minor may not be a minor problem for a kid. Or maybe they are not able to tell a problem properly. Always try to follow what they are trying to tell.

6- Maintain eye contact when talking to your children

When talking to your child, maintain eye contact. It shows your attention. Put your screen back and look towards the kid. Parenting is more important than the screen. Isn’t it?

7- Catch kids being good

Instead of constantly telling them about the things they are doing wrong. Point out the things they are doing wrong. This doesn’t mean that don’t point out wrong things. It means if you are pointing out 1 wrong thing; also highlight 5 things they are doing in the right way.

8- Choose the right words

Instead of telling them “this is not the way to eat” show them the right way and tell them “this is how you can eat in the right way”

9- Praise your children on little things

Praising never spoils a kid. It’s human nature, everyone likes compliments. They’ve put the cushion in the right place. Tell her “You are a good girl. Daddy is proud of you”

10- Praise them in front of others

When someone visits you, especially, if their grandparents! Tell them their good habits and praise them. Make sure the kid is listening. In this way, you can develop their confidence in front of the visitor.

11- Don’t compare with others

Never tell your child that your cousin has ranked 1st position and you didn’t score enough. They will eventually start hating that cousin. The same is in the case of siblings. Don’t tell them that your brother is a good boy and you are not”

12- Do not scold them in front of other people

If the child does something wrong in front of others. Do not start scolding them right there. Try to divert their attention at that time and talk to them later on, when you guys are alone.

13- Punishing is never a part of Positive Parenting

Punishing for anything is not a solution. Never ever hit a child, not even a light slap on the bum.

14- Show your love with words, hugs and kisses

Remember the feeling when your child comes to you and kisses you? When do you get a warm hug? Doesn’t it make your heart melt? Your kid will get the same feeling when you show your love by your actions. So, never miss a chance of showing your love.

15- Don’t forget to say I Love You

“I love you” is not just a sentence. It means a lot. It means a complete affirmation of caring and affection. Say “I love you” to them at least once a day. Make eye contact, kiss their head and say “I love you”.

16- Loving your child can’t spoil her

There is no amount of love that can spoil your child. Love never spoils. Unnecessary independence, letting the kid do anything they want even if it’s wrong, and letting them disrespect others, are the factors that can spoil a child. A negative style of parenting, scolding, hitting, and behaving like a spoiled person in front of the kids can also do the deed. You can easily set boundaries and keep them within limits by “love”.

17- Find out the reason behind crying

Kids never cry without a reason. A newborn might be hungry or gassy, a toddler might be teething or sleepy, a junior might be having separation anxiety. As a parent, you should always try to find a reason behind it. Never think that “kids cry”. Never let them cry. Find the reason and soothe your child.

18- NEVER EVER hit them

Hitting leaves a long-lasting effect on a child’s personality. It can never solve the problem. Instead, it can promote anger and negative feelings in both, children and parents. By punishing them physically you are teaching them that it’s okay to hit someone when you are feeling bad.

19- Daddy time is important

Researchers have proved that children, who get daddy’s attention, have more sense of security and authority. They perform better in studies and other activities. So, encourage fathers to pay attention to their children.

20- Have a fixed playtime everyday

Parents must fix a family playtime; even it’s for just 15 minutes. In this way, you can create warm memories for your child. Kids love playing with their parents.

21- Read Books together or get your children some learning toys if they can’t read

Reading books develops thoughts and gives a lot of knowledge too. Develop the habit of reading in your children. Read along with them. Get them storybooks or interactive books. You can get board books or learning toys if they can’t read.

22- Have at least one family meal a day

When the parents sit for a meal with kids, it’s not only fun but it helps every family member to forget stresses and develop bonding with one another. Eating with the family tends to promote more sensible eating habits in kids.

23- Reflect on your own childhood to make the parenting easy

While interacting with your child, try to reflect on your childhood. Recall the moments which made you happy with your parents. Try to make your kid happy in the same way. But it doesn’t mean you can let them do anything. Like if you felt unhappy when your mother asked you to complete your homework, you should not stop asking your child to finish their homework. Makes sense?

24- Under Stand your Limitations as a Parent

Parenting comes with a lot of challenges, but no one is perfect. Understand this fact. You need to be a positive and good parent, not a perfect one. Take a break when you are tired. You are also a human, not a machine that can work 24/7. Handover the kids to the daddy and have some sleep time. Don’t feel guilty for every little thing that happened.

25- Be realistic with your family

Understand the personality differences. Do not expect your family to think exactly like you. Respect their opinions. Respect your partner’s parenting style.

26- Accept the reality

Accept the fact that life changes to 180 degrees after having a baby. Do not expect to live a pre-baby life again. Accepting reality will make things easy.

27- Trust your mother instinct

Trust your mommy’s gut. If you have a feeling that something is wrong then there are chances that something is wrong. Do not listen to anyone and follow your instinct.

28- Taking care of your own health is also a part of positive parenting

A healthy person is a positive parent. So never ever ignore yourself. Get enough sleep, eat right, and do exercise daily.

29- Let them find their own solution

If your child is stuck in some problem, let them find their own solution first. They will try again and again and eventually will learn to find out the right solution. But if you think they will need your help, let them try first and then help them.

30- Let them take care of their selves

If your child thinks that they can take care of themselves, let them! Do they want to change their dress? Do they want to walk on their own? Let them!

31- Let them help you in the house chores

Take help in house chores, if your child can help. You can ask her to put the plates into the kitchen, to set the cushions, or maybe ask her to bring a glass of water.

32- Ask them what they want and pass along your plan

Respect their opinion and pass on your plan too. Like, if you are going to buy a dress, ask them, what they want to wear? Pass on your choice too.

33- Give them choices

Giving choices to children help them feel more empowered. It can make them more self-confident. The feeling that everything is not already planned for them and they have to make the right choice will help them grow as better decision-makers.

34- Let them choose the dinner once or twice a week

If your child is a fussy eater, it’s okay to let him choose what to eat but within limits. Give her healthy options to choose from. Not always have her dictate what her parents cook.

35- Understand their personality and passion

Understand the passion and personality of the children. What are their likes and dislikes! What they want to be! How they want to live. Understand them and help them in the best possible way.

36- Be flexible with your parenting style

Make your parenting style more flexible. This is so far one of the most important parenting tips. Things that work with one child, may not work for another. Things that used to work in the past, may not work now. Every child is different. Their behavior also changes with time. It’s natural. They can’t help them to control their behavior. You are the one who needs to decide which parenting style suits according to your kid’s personality, age, and gender.

37- Make your children  physically active

A physically active child gets strong bones and muscles. It helps her stay at a healthy weight, saves her from the risk of so many diseases like diabetes type 2, heart diseases, and cancer, in the later stage of their life. Being physically active improves a child’s posture and flexibility too. Thus, a physically active child is a healthy child.

38- Get them outdoor games

If you have enough outdoor space in your home, get them outdoor games and activity sets. Playing outdoor can not only makes them more physically active but also helps in more exposure to the sun and helps maintain healthy vitamin D levels. (Never forget a good sunscreen). Even if you don’t have outdoor space, there are so many options for indoor games.

39- Family walk at least once a week

Family walk not only creates bonding within family members, but it also helps children in physical development and being stronger emotionally.

40- Train them to like healthy food and avoid junk

Parents should focus on creating a healthy eating environment. “Becoming a role model” tip may help here. Secondly, eating more junk and sugary food causes more cravings for unhealthy meals. By feeding them less unhealthy meals you can control their cravings.

41- Cook Healthy foods at home at least 5 times a week

What you cook at home becomes the eating choice of your children for life. Cook healthy meals, i.e. vegetables.

42- Keep some healthy recipe books at home to try new meals

It’s human nature to get bored with the same stuff daily. Get some healthy recipe books at home. Try different and new recipes more often. It will create a family’s interest in healthy eating and you will also develop better cooking skills.

43- Engage children in cooking

If your children are able to help you in the kitchen, engage them with you. It will develop their interest in eating and they will grow up as a helping hand in the future.

44- Teach your children social values

You are the mentor of your kids. Train them in identifying and following good social values. Train them to be self-sufficient. Make them aware that their personal choices also impact others. Again, become a Role Model.

45- Make them responsible citizens

Teach them to follow rules and laws of the country. Train them to not keep the streets clean. Become a responsible citizen in front of them.

46- Drop them to grandparents more often

Grandparents love their children more than anything in the world. Maybe because they are on the stage of life where they don’t have enough pressure or responsibility. They look forward to meeting their grandchildren and shower their love to them. The bonding of children and their grandparents makes both of them more happy and confident. This must be one of the best tips for parenting because in this way you can also get some time to spend on yourself.

47- Respect your parents and parents in law

Children used to follow their own parents. If you are an obedient child your kid is more likely to become obedient. Respect your parents-in-law equally.

48- Do not ban the screen time completely

Yes! Do not ban it completely. Why? Let me explain! You might have seen so much research stating the side effects of screen time. Yes! I agree. screen time is not healthy BUT! Can you invent the time machine and go into the past? NO? Technology is not going anywhere now! It can change its face but it is going to stay with us. Accept reality.

So, stop putting your efforts into keeping the children away from screens.  You can’t do this. The maximum you can keep them away is by the age of 1 or maybe 1.5.

They will eventually start using it. Kids are watching you and other people using the devices.

49- Keep an eye on the Screen

You don’t have to put a lot of effort into keeping them away from the screen. BUT you have to teach them to make positive use of the devices. Tell them what’s right and what’s wrong. How they can achieve success using the technology and how the world of evils is one click away.

Put your efforts into teaching them the right use of technology. Set a fixed screen time per day, not more than 1-2 hours, and supervise them, what they are watching on the screen.

50- Always keep learning – Read books on Parenting

The sky is the limit. You can never stop learning. Always get into some research. To adopt a more successful parenting style and achieve your goal you have to continue learning. Read more books, do more research, learn from others. You can never stop yourself to become a better parent.

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