Gifts for new dads at the hospital

11 Gifts for New Dads at the Hospital

Looking for gifts for new dads at the hospital? These cool gifts for expectant dads or new dads range from practical to sentimental. Gift ideas include an expectant dad survival kit and more.

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Gifts for New Dads at the Hospital

Why give a gift at the hospital? The new dad would have just gone through one of the most amazing things in their life. They are on a high and let’s be honest, can use all the help they can get as they start this new journey in their family life.

A lot of people will bring gifts for the baby, but it’s nice to acknowledge the parents as well.  And the new dad may not be top of mind, so will appreciate you thinking about him too.

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Things to consider:

  • Don’t bring anything too bulky – the new parents will have a lot to bring home from the hospital, don’t load them up and make them do too many trips
  • If you are going to bring food, bring something healthy and easy to prepare
  • Keep it simple. You don’t need anything extravagant to say congratulations.

11 Gifts for New Dads He’ll Appreciate

YETI Rambler 14 oz.

Yeti’s will keep the new dad’s coffee hot for when he gets distracted with his new duties and comes back to it an hour later.

This mug will also keep hot water hot if you are mixing formula on the go.

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Matching t-shirts

Matching outfits are the best!  These adorable matching dad and baby shirts/onesies will be perfect for dad and baby outings.

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Dad Coffee Mug

Another coffee mug (he will need a lot of caffeine!), this one can be kept for along time and is a sweet keepsake commemorating his new role.

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Diaper bag Just for Dad

New parents typically buy one diaper bag and most are really oversize purses.  Buy the new dad a bag of his own and he will be grateful.

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Echo Dot – Home Assistant

Alexa will come in VERY handy in the next few years.  ‘Alexa order more diapers’ ‘Alexa play a lullaby’, etc.

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Parenting Books For Dads

A few new dad focused books make a great gift.

Hero – Be the Strong Father your Children Need

Be Prepared – A Practical Handbook for New Dads

Fit Bit

Help the new dad avoid ‘dad bod’ and get him a Fit Bit.  It will help track all his steps and his sleep (or lack of).

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The Splurge – iRobot Roomba

Ok, this one goes against my advice above about giving something small to make a car trip easier, BUT roombas are lifesavers when you’re a new parent.  No one wants to vacuum when you could be cuddling your new baby. This robot vacuum will save the new dad time and will help keep the house in order during those hectic first months into the messy toddler years.

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New Dad Survival Gift bag

Load this cute bag up with gift cards, coffee, and protein bars

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Board Books  

Bedtime reading will be extra special with these dad focused books.  

My favorites:

I Love Dad with The Very Hungry Caterpillar  

Because I’m Your Dad  


I hope you enjoyed this list of gift ideas for new dads at the hospital.  

This list can also be used as a guide for Father’s Day.

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