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10 Gifts for New Mom in Hospital (Gifts that aren’t for baby)

Last updated on November 6th, 2022 at 01:58 pm

Gifts for new moms are a lovely gesture to show that you are thinking of her as she is going through a big life moment.  Whether you are looking for a gift for a first time mom or a gift for new mom in the hospital, this list of gifts focuses on new moms and aren’t for the baby. 

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Why you should give a gift for mom

Gifts for new moms that aren’ for baby are a simple way to say ‘we see you too!’

Pregnant moms get lots of attention with gender reveal parties, baby showers and strangers on the street opening doors for you as you cutely waddle on into a store.   But once baby comes you aren’t the first thing people see.  

People see the baby and new moms quickly feel like “old news.”

A little gift just for mom and not for baby are a small way to brighten her day.

Don’t forget Dad:  11 Gifts for New Dads at the Hospital

What to give as a gifts for new moms  

Presents that make her feel loved and acknowledged are sweet gestures.    

Gifts that make her life easier will be appreciated.

And finally matching mama and baby gifts will make her smile.

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10 Gifts for New Mom in Hospital

Gift from Dad/Partner

If you’re looking for a Push Present I have a whole post on all the rules, how much to spend and when to give it.   Check it out here.

If you’re looking for something a little simpler these finds from Etsy are beautiful and unique (just like mama!)


gifts for new moms at the hospital

This necklace comes with a lovely note that can be customized to include your partner’s name.    

Check it out on Etsy here


ring new mom gifts

My husband gave me a stackable rose gold ring when my daughter was born and I wear it inbetween my wedding ring and engagement ring.  

It ties into the rhyme ‘first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage.’ I love my ring and its a wonderful reminder of our life pre and post baby.

Check it out on Etsy here

From family and friends (coworker appropriate too!)

These new mom gifts are small enough to bring the hospital or to bring over when you visit the new mama and her baby.

Mama Sweatshirt

I live in my Mama sweatshirt.   It’s a way to be trendy while recovering from birth. Comfy and a bit loose.

Check it out on Etsy here

Weighted blanket  

Sleep is so so so important for new moms and of course they don’t get much of it. Weighted blankets can help them fall asleep quickly and deeply to get the best rest possible.

Check it out on Amazon here

Postpartum kit

postpartum kit

You can make your own postpartum kit or new mom basket with all the essentials they need after birth.  

Check out my list of 17 things new moms need after birth (that no one tells you about) to find a whole bunch of budget friendly ideas.

You can also get a little pampering basket all ready

Check out this one on Etsy


Babies love to pull moms hair, so scrunchies are a cute way to keep your hair up. And realistically the new mama isn’t going to be washing her hair as often in the beginning so they can make her feel pretty while rocking the greasy hair.

Check out these scrunchies on Amazon

Matching outfits

mama and baby outfit

Technically this one has a gift for baby too, but really its for mom and all the adorable photo opps she can have with her and the baby as they match.    

Check this adorable set on Etsy here

Mama Coffee Mug

New moms run on coffee (or tea).   This mama bear mug is so cute!

Check it out on Amazon

Water Bottle

New moms needs lot of water for breastfeeding and general health.   Its important to bring some water on her stroller walks and this water bottle is perfect for on the go.

Check it out on Amazon

Gift Cards

Baby’s are expensive!  A gift card is a nice way to help mom out those first few months.   A grocery store gift card, coffee shop or Amazon cards all are great ideas for new moms.

Click here for a Print at Home Amazon Gift Card

Conclusion: 10 Gifts for New Moms at the Hospital (or later!)

Giving a little gift to a new mom at the hospital helps to commomerate this life changing moment for her.

It doesn’t need to be super fancy, but a gift just for her and not the baby will go a long way in making her feel special too.

Congratulations on the new baby in your life!

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