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Baby Lullaby | Songs To Sing To Your Newborn (With Playlist!)

Searching for baby bedtime lullabies to help put your little one to sleep? There are alternatives if you find yourself getting bored singing the same old baby songs. Check out our baby lullaby suggestions to help send your infant off to dreamland.

Baby Lullaby | Music to Your Baby’s Ears

1. Cradle Song


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The Cradle Song lullaby, which most people know as Brahms’ Lullaby, definitely tops the list! Research shows classical music is highly beneficial to babies. So, you have more than one good reason to use this to calm down your little one! Go on and memorize the words to this lullaby and sing along!

2. Hush, Little Baby


Hush Little Baby is another classic your parents probably sang to you when you were little. You may not agree with the lyrics in the literal sense (imagine buying all that stuff for your baby!) but the essence of the lullaby is all about being there for your child in the face of disappointment. What better way to put your child to sleep than reassuring him or her that you’ll always be there to take care of them?

3. Silent Night

Silent Night is the perfect song to sing to your precious baby during the holiday season! Let the peaceful tune and simple lyrics of the song be like an early storytelling session to your child. As the cold weather of the season blows, keep your child warm and calm by singing the story of Christmas.

4. You’ll Be In My Heart


Admit it, you’re probably a Disney baby yourself! Disney classics are certainly some of the best stories to share with our kids as they grow up. But there’s really no such thing as starting too early! Sing Phil Collins’ song from the Tarzan soundtrack to let your precious one know you’re always there and ready to protect him or her.

5. Here Comes The Sun

The Beatles are a legend, but I bet you didn’t think their songs could make great lullabies, huh? This sweet song is another way of telling your baby it’s all going to be alright. Make this a karaoke session between you and your little one!

6. Puff, The Magic Dragon


This popular song in the 60’s has already made its way on soundtracks for babies. The song is pretty catchy and we bet you will enjoy singing it over and over again! Let your baby doze off in the magical world of Puff the Magic Dragon and Jack!

7. Three Little Birds


If you’re a big reggae fan, there’s really no harm in introducing this melody to your baby early on. It may come as a surprise, but Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds actually makes a good lullaby for babies! Singing your favorite tune becomes extra fun when you sing it to your little one!

For more baby lullabies you can sing to your newborn, check out this collection from eDewcate:

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Putting babies, especially newborns, to sleep can be a tough job. Adjusting to the outside world is a struggle for the little ones! Music is a good way to relax your baby so he or she can get ready for bedtime. You don’t always have to stick to traditional lullabies, though! You can get creative and sing modern tunes to your child!

What songs do you love singing to your baby? Let us know your favorite baby lullaby in the comments section!

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