Push Present for Dad

10 Push Presents for Dad – Gift Guide

He may not be doing the “heavy lifting”, but he is there throughout it all as your most important support.  Read on for our favorite push presents for dad. These gifts can be given to expectant dads, new dads at the hospital or when you’re new family is all together at home.

What is a Push Present?

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Push presents (or “push gifts”) are a relatively new concept where the father gives his partner a present after birth to mark the milestone, as well as thank the new mom for going through the pain and suffering of labor and pregnancy.

They commemorate literally “pushing” a baby into the world.

Typically push presents are a piece of jewelry, however a push present can be anything.  A good push present is sentimental, not practical (a ring vs a stroller).

It is becoming more common for new moms to also give expectant or new dads gifts at the hospital or once baby is home.

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Push Present for Dad

Why get a Push Present for Dad?

A push present for dad is probably not the best name.  How do you feel about “pull present”? 

This gift is meant to mark a life changing event.  To thank your partner for supporting you during this crazy time in life.

For the littles things:

Running out to get your favorite food

  • Rubbing your back or feet when you were uncomfortable
  • Getting the nursery painted and furniture assembled
  • *insert whatever your awesome partner did!*

And for the biggest thing:

  • Being there through all the ups and (mostly) downs of labor.
Push Present for Dad Ideas

Personally, I know my husband saw a lot of things he can never “unsee” during my labor.  

He didn’t sleep a wink for 48 hours. He was with me for every feeding, he changed the first diaper and helped give the first bath.

He. Was. Amazing.

I’m sure your partner was too (or you know he will be) so a push present for new dads is appropriate!

Isn’t the baby gift enough? Shouldn’t the focus be on the new mom?  

In my opinion, gifting something at this amazing time in life is icing on the cake.  It’s fun, harmless, and depending on the gift, sentimental, and will be kept for a long time.  Or it will be frivolous or funny ““ great as well!

This post contains affiliate links. For my full disclosure policy click here.

Home Assistant

Wouldn’t it be nice for the new dad to say “Alexa, order more diapers.” and Amazon delivers them to your door the next day?  Yup.

Or ask any baby related question, handsfree. “Alexa, how long should a newborn sleep?” “Alexa, is (fill in the blank) normal for a baby?” etc.  Double Yup.

See it on Amazon

Matching Dad and Baby Outfit

You can give any of these at the hospital to go home in – adorable! 

Papa Bear & Baby Bear

I Make Adorable Babies

For the Whole Family


push present watch

Dad’s have a lot to time: how long ago was the last feeding? How long has the baby been sleeping?  When is the last time I slept? Bonus points if you engrave it with your child’s name or a father quote.

Smart Watch

Whether you pick an apple watch or a less expensive Fit Bit the new dad will appreciate having the technology so easily accessible. It can also help him to keep being active a priority (no dad bods here!)

Yetti Tumbler

Yetti‘s are known to keep cold drinks cold for a really long time, as well as hot drinks hot. The new dad will appreciate it when he gets distracted and his coffee keeps getting cold in a regular mug.  These tumblers can also be used to warm baby’s milk or formula if you keep hot/warm water in them on the go.

You can also get a personalized one here:

Diaper Bag 

Diaper bags can end up looking feminine.  They can look like oversized purses and aren’t the most dad friendly.  Consider picking out one of these so dad can have his own diaper bag.


If you know the gender of your baby you can buy a journal for the new dad to use throughout their son or daughter’s life. Filled with insightful questions, prompts, drawings and lots of free space to write his thoughts as his child grows.


New Dads getting a push present may be a new thing, but there are lots of great gifts that can be given to celebrate this amazing occasion.