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Hospital Bag Checklist | What You Need To Pack To Prepare For Baby’s Arrival

If you’re getting ready for your baby’s arrival, this is the hospital bag checklist you need to make sure you don’t miss packing a thing!

Hospital Bag Checklist for Labor and Delivery Every Mom Needs to Have

1. Maternity Dressing Gowns


The first on your hospital bag checklist for labor must be maternity dressing gowns. You’ll definitely need this in early labor situations and in the postnatal ward after the delivery. While hospitals provide patients with hospital gowns, bringing your own can guarantee your comfort.

2. Comfy Clothes


Comfortable clothes must also be in your hospital bag. Choose the ones that are easy to wear so you won’t have a hard time moving your body before and after the delivery. Remember to pack for extra clothes in case you need to extend your stay at the hospital.

3. Slip-on Footwear

Purple Footwear | Hospital Bag Checklist | What You Need to Pack To Prepare For Baby's Arrival

Some hospitals don’t provide comfy slippers to their patients, so you may want to bring your own pair. Bring at least 2-3 pairs of footwear that are easy to slip your feet into to lessen inconvenience when you’re up and about.

Tip: Bring warm pairs of socks, too, in case you feel cold in your room.

4. Labor Snacks


Snacks and drinks must also be in your hospital bag checklist. Foods that give you energy are great snacks for early labor as these will give you the boost you need when it’s time to give birth. Here are some snack ideas you can bring:

  • Bananas
  • Oat bars
  • Cereal bars
  • Oranges
  • Mints
  • Tea biscuits
  • Dried fruits

5. Massage Oil

Essential Oil | Hospital Bag Checklist | What You Need to Pack To Prepare For Baby's Arrival


Comfort is the last thing you’ll get out of labor, so whenever a chance for little comforts arises, grab it. Bring a massage oil and ask your partner to massage you at the hospital. Doing this will help ease the tension and pain you’re feeling.

Also, essential oils are known for working wonders when it comes to uplifting the mood and easing anxiety. This is especially important for women going through labor.

6. Heavy-Duty Sanitary Pads


Don’t forget to pack for sanitary pads or maternity pads in your hospital bag, and we mean the heavy-duty ones. You’ll need this right after giving birth to your little one since there will be bleeding afterward. Pick the long, comfortable, and absorbent ones, so you’ll save time changing pads from time to time.

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7. Pillow and Blanket

Pillow and Blanket In Sofa| Hospital Bag Checklist | What You Need to Pack To Prepare For Baby's Arrival

Sure, the hospital will provide you with a set. But nothing beats the feeling of having your favorite pillow and blanket on your hospital bed, especially when you’ve just gone through labor. Make sure you’re extra comfortable during rest time.

8. Music

A pregnant woman listening to music on sofa at home | What You Need to Pack To Prepare For Baby's Arrival

Soothe your soul while waiting for your baby’s arrival by listening to music. Prepare your playlist ahead of time and choose the ones that give you relaxing vibes.

9. Birth Plans and Documents

Birth Plans and Documents | Hospital Bag Checklist | What You Need to Pack To Prepare For Baby's Arrival

Secure your documents, notes, and birth plans in an envelope or a folder so they’re organized when you put these in your hospital bag. Be sure to add identification cards, health insurance plans, and other supporting documents you may need in the hospital. If you’re not yet familiar with a birth plan, here are the common details you can find in it:

  • Basic Information: This includes your name, companion’s name, doctor name, contact details, and the name and location of the hospital where you plan to give birth.
  • Atmosphere Preferences: Indicate the type of room you want your labor ward to be, lights and ventilation preferences, if you want your husband to be there when you give birth or not, or if you wish the delivery to be photographed or recorded.
  • Labor Preferences: Any labor-related preference. Indicate if you need walking tools or a wheelchair after you give birth, if you want to take a warm or cold shower after the delivery, or etc.
  • Pain Relievers: You can indicate here the choice of meds you wish to take or if you let your doctor decide for you.

10. Nursing Pillow and Bra


You’ll also need a nursing pillow and bra to give you comfort while breastfeeding your newborn. A nursing pillow is shaped differently from a regular pillow; it is designed to give mommy and baby support for when it’s time to feed.

11. Baby Clothing

Pink Baby Clothing | Hospital Bag Checklist | What You Need to Pack To Prepare For Baby's Arrival

Before you zip up your hospital bag, don’t forget your baby’s clothes. Pack the clothes your baby will wear in the hospital.

Stick to the basics like baby’s onesies, a bonnet, and hand and foot mittens for your baby. You may also want to bring a baby robe as well as your own baby towel for when it’s time to give your baby a bath.

Also, pack your baby’s homecoming clothes, so pick something fancy. This will be your baby’s first trip home, and it’s definitely a special moment!


Learn what else to add to your hospital bag list with this video from Best For Baby:

YouTube video

Prepare your hospital bag checklist at least a month before your due date so you won’t have to rush packing the essentials. When labor day comes, all you’ll have to do is grab your hospital bag before you head out the door.

Once you’re done packing, all that’s left to do is prepare yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Do you have other things to add to your hospital bag checklist for labor and delivery? Tell us in the comments section below!


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