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13 Practical Baby Christmas Gift Ideas

Last updated on January 1st, 2023 at 02:33 pm

If you’re looking for baby Christmas gift ideas, our list of unique gift ideas got you covered!

Top 13 Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies and Parents

1. Cozy Cover Premium Infant Car Seat Carrier Cover


It’s important to keep a baby snug and warm during the winter months. The Bubbabe cozy cover will protect a baby from the harsh elements. The polar fleece material gives it a warm outdoor jacket feel. It also contains increased inner fill and fleece lining to provide the warmest protection possible.

The zippers make it easier to get the little ones in and out as needed. Machine washable by design, the cover allows efficient cleaning from any baby mess. Elasticized edges allow it to fit all standardly designed baby carriers without interfering with the safety straps.

2. LulaClips Magnetic Car Seat Clips for Baby, Infant, and Child Car Seat



The dark days of twisted straps and having to dig for buckles are over with the LulaClips magnetic car seat clips. These clips use magnets to hold open buckles, allowing for easy loading and unloading of a child from a stroller or car seat.

The clips work with most car seats and attach easily. These tiny magnetic clips are small but can make a huge difference.

3. LulaBloc Infant, Baby And Child Seat Belt Holder, Black


Let a child feel like a big boy or girl by letting them buckle their own seatbelt. The LulaBloc seat belt holder holds the buckle of the seat belt in place to let a child buckle up with ease.

No more evasive and tricky buckles to irritate you. The model fits most vehicles, and it’s softer and easier to put on. Give the child more responsibility to help them grow up into great adults.

4. Super Trouble Blue Baby Onesie

Cute Onesies | Christmas Gift Ideas For Dad

This adorable onesie is made with ring spun cotton which is more durable and longer lasting than regular cotton. The flatlock seams and double-needle ribbed binding on the neck, sleeves, shoulders and leg openings help to prevent rips and tears.

The reinforced three-snap closure helps keep diapers from falling off. Machine washable to easily clean baby accidents, this is one of the best clothing items for a child since it’s durable and easy to clean.

5. The Quimby Coat Children’s Car Seat Coat – Fog – 2 in 1 Winter Jacket & Vest for Safety When Travelling in the Car


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The Quimby set comes with one winter jacket and one vest. These two work in tandem to keep a child safe and warm.

The vest is removable from the jacket to enable the baby car seat straps to fit tightly on a child’s chest for maximum safety. Once outside, you can then put the vest back on for a full winter jacket.

This innovation keeps babies warm and comfortable without sacrificing their safety.

6. Cozy Cover Easy Seat – Portable Travel High Chair and Safety Seat For Infants And Toddlers

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This portable high chair makes feeding a baby while keeping them safe effortless. It can be difficult to hold a baby at all times, especially when eating out. Sure, some places have high chairs, but they are often dirty and may endanger a child’s safety.

This seat is made with 100% polyester for durability. It also folds and fits conveniently in any mom’s bag. This product is suitable for toddlers 6-36 months. It’s a good idea to buy two, so when one is in the wash, you have an extra on hand.

7. EZPeeZ Potty Training Seat for Adult Size Toilet


Potty train a child with a simple flip of a lid. The product works like an ordinary toilet seat since it can be flipped to fit a child and flipped back for adults. No more buying expensive potty training devices just use this simple toilet seat and avoid the headaches.

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8. MotoTod Mini Balance Bike



The MotoTod Mini Balance Bike will give any toddler more exercise. It is perfect for toddlers between 10 months and two years old, which makes it a great investment.

The bike has no pedals to let a child work his/her muscles to move it. This toy also helps in a child’s development by improving their balance and coordination.

An important safety feature put in place is giving the handlebar a limited range of motion to make the bike easier to control. There is also no assembly required to make things easier for the parents.

9. Rattle Socks


Babies get chilly feet, especially during winter. Why not keep them warm and give them a new toy at the same time? Rattle socks aid in the development of a baby’s sensory skills using sound and touch.

The socks come with non-slip grips on the bottom to prevent stumbling. It’s also made with a cotton blend for a soft and comfortable touch. The fabric is also stretchable for a better fit and helps it stay on the baby’s little feet even with several movements.

Finally, it’s also machine washable for easy cleaning. These socks are multi-purpose to keep a baby warm and entertained at the same time.

10. Safety 1st Deluxe 25-Piece Baby Healthcare and Grooming Kit

Have everything needed to care for a baby in a single package with the Safety 1st deluxe healthcare and grooming kit. The package contains multiple items to help you in every situation.

The grooming part of the package contains a newborn cradle cap, gentle care brush, and gentle care comb to help baby look neat and cute.

The healthcare part of the package contains:

  • Nasal Aspirator which helps remove excess mucus from the baby’s nose.
  • Bottle Medicine that helps you administer medicine to a baby easily.
  • 3 in 1 thermometer which helps you determine if a baby is sick.

All of this comes with a deluxe clutch case with easy view compartments to help you get what you need. Never leave home without it.

11. Grab and Go Nappy Clutch


A blending of style and function, this clutch is the best on-the-go change station for a baby. The bag folds out to a portable changing area, as well. The whole station is laminated and cleans instantly with wipes.

It also comes with a pronto pillow cushion to help support a baby’s head while changing nappies. This simple gift can make any parent’s night out easier.

12. ZOOCCHINI Flippy the Frog Bath Mitt

Who says bath time can’t be fun? Make bath time fun with this cute bath mitt. The ZOOCCHINI Flippy the Frog Bath Mitt makes bath time easier for any parent. It keeps the baby entertained and cooperative as you wash them.

It is made of machine washable material for easy cleaning, which is a blessing to any parent. The packaging also looks so fabulous that it’s just begging to be a gift.

13. Fat Brain Toys pipSquigz Loops Teal


Stimulate a baby’s mind with this vibrant but safe suction cup toy. The toy is designed to give thrilling experiences for the senses with its clacking rings, vivid textures, and rattling sounds.

For parents, the suction cup sticks to smooth surfaces without leaving residue meaning no cleanup needed. The soft silicone material used to make this is food grade BPA free to protect a baby’s health while they are teething.

What Is BPA? BPA stands for bisphenol A, which is a chemical commonly found in plastic food containers and baby bottles. It is believed to be toxic and harmful to babies.

The baby learns experimentation, strengthened motor skills, sensory exploration, cause and effect and gets their eyes and ears stimulated. This item is the perfect gift to speed up a baby’s learning capabilities.

So what can you gift for Christmas that would be simple but wonderful? Watch this video from Emily Norris for more baby gifts ideas:

YouTube video

Christmas is just around the corner. And apart from receiving presents, we also like to go Christmas shopping and help out our mom friends with items that can make their mommy journey a whole lot easier.

Our baby’s first Christmas gift ideas above should give you enough options on what presents to get. Happy shopping!

Got any Christmas gift ideas you want to share? Tell us in the comments section below!

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