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9 Cutest Baby Girl Coming Home Outfits

Looking for inspiration for baby girl homecoming outfits? Check out these adorable newborn outfit ideas!

Baby Girl Homecoming Outfits Fashion Inspo for Mom

1. Winter Is Here


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If your baby is born on a cold winter day, then this is probably something she will want. Dress her up with a cute and quirky outfit that goes with the winter and holiday theme. Plus, the pixie hat is just so adorable, you have to admit, it will add to her cuteness!

2. The Minimalist


Maybe you haven’t had time to shop around before your baby decided to arrive. That’s okay! You can always go for a minimalist look for a homecoming outfit! Just dress up your little girl in a simple onesie and add a headband for a pretty accent!

3. Baby Ballerina


Do you dream about your little girl becoming a ballerina someday? It’s never too early to start! Dress her up like a little ballerina with a colorful tutu as you welcome her into your home.

4. #Blessed Shirt


Every baby is a blessing, and now, you get to take yours home. Show the world just how blessed you feel with the coming of your precious baby girl. She truly is heaven sent, after all!

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5. You Name It!


Once you get home, your friends will probably want to pay a visit to welcome you along with the newest member of your family. One common question they’re bound to ask is your baby’s name. Spare yourself from having to answer over and over again by dressing up your little one in a pretty onesie that spells out her name.

6. Proud of the Parents


Here’s a cute onesie that tells the world just how cool you and your spouse are as parents! Statement shirts on babies are so cute since they pretty much do the talking for the baby. Your baby will probably say that out loud, too, once she can form a sentence!

7. Lacey Bunch


Go girly-girl and dress up your little munchkin with a cute lacey outfit. Complete the awesome look with a lace headband. Just make sure the fabric is something your baby will be comfortable wearing.

8. Pretty in Purple

Toddler Lying on Pink Fleece | Cutest Baby Girl Coming Home Outfits | Newborn girl coming home outfits

If you happen to love the color purple, then you will undoubtedly love this cute ensemble on your baby girl! The purple romper is so fashionable and undeniably pretty and is the perfect outfit fit for a coming home celebration.

9. Go Green


Do you love the environment? Or perhaps you just love the color green? Either way, you will love this romper on your baby girl. She’ll look like a complete doll in this ensemble!


If you still want more ideas, check out this clothing haul video from The Epik Life:

YouTube video

Coming home from the hospital for the first time with your newborn baby is such a momentous event. You’ll definitely want to take as many pictures as possible. Make sure you make it extra special by dolling up your little girl with a special homecoming outfit.

What is your favorite baby girl homecoming outfit? Let us know in the comments section!