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9 Must-Have Baby Gear For Fall And Winter [INFOGRAPHIC]

Keep baby warm and cozy with these baby gear must-have this cold winter season.

9 Baby Gear Must-Haves for the Cold Weather

1. Long Sleeve Onesie


Aside from the diaper, a baby’s first layer of clothing is usually a onesie. Make sure your little one is warm and toasty by dressing him/her up in a long sleeve onesie. Even if you intend to stay home, make sure your baby is all covered up because he/she is still very susceptible to cold weather.

2. Mittens or Gloves


Being an adult braving the cold weather, you know how challenging it is to keep your hands warm. Sometimes, it’s not even enough to wear gloves or put your hands in your pockets.

Expect your baby to have an even more difficult time keeping his/her hands warm, especially if he/she is still too little to rub them together.

Mittens or gloves are a must for fall and winter. Remember to keep stock so you’ll have more than enough in case a glove gets lost…because they usually do.

3. Hats or Beanies

Hats or Beanies | Must-Have Baby Gear For Fall And Winter

Scientists may have debunked the old saying that the babies lose body heat through their heads, but it’s undeniable that wearing a hat or beanie definitely helps keep your baby warm.

If your kid is big enough to wear a hat without it constantly falling off, then it should be fine. A beanie is more advisable for newborns or active kids whose hats just won’t stay still.

4. Booties

Booties | Must-Have Baby Gear For Fall And Winter

As adults, you know boots aren’t just a fashion statement but a layer to help protect you from the cold, too. The same goes for your babies.

Little booties will help keep them warm wherever they are and whatever activity they do. Plus, these booties undeniably look cute as well!

5. Snowsuit

Snowsuit | Must-Have Baby Gear For Fall And Winter

A snowsuit is like an outdoor onesie that usually comes with a hood and is one of the baby gear must-haves. It’s easy to put on and keeps your baby from freezing in the cold weather.

Get a really cute one made with fleece or any materials that will keep your little one comfortable and warm. Just make sure to take it off before putting your baby in the car seat.

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6. Car Seat Cover

Car Seat Cover | Must-Have Baby Gear For Fall And Winter

A baby car seat cover has a lot of uses, and one of those benefits is keeping your baby cozy as you travel in freezing weather. It’s also good to have it handy in the fall as it protects your baby from the strong gusts of wind. Car seat canopies also keep snow or rain from falling on your little one’s face when you’re taking a stroll outdoors.

7. Swaddle Blanket

Swaddle Blanket | Must-Have Baby Gear For Fall And Winter

In a tougher climate, your baby’s regular blanket just won’t do. Your baby will need thicker insulation, plus a blanket that won’t keep coming off when you’re carrying them around.

Swaddle blankets are like a snowsuit, except they’re not really an outfit and can only be used while you’re carrying your baby. Make sure to get one that’s comfortable for your baby and easy for you to get on and off of them.

8. Stroller Cover


A stroller cover will work the same way car seat covers do when you take your baby out in his/her stroller. It’s ideal to have one for both fall and winter as it keeps the snowflakes or falling leaves away from your baby. It also offers protection from the wind and freezing temperature.

9. Bottle and Food Warmer


Keeping your baby nice and warm isn’t the only thing that makes traveling difficult in the cold season. It’s also quite tricky to keep your baby’s milk and food warm, especially while on the road. Pack a bottle and battery-operated food warmer for long trips to make sure your baby doesn’t eat or drink cold milk and food.

Download this infographic now and reference it later.

infographic | 9 Must-Have Baby Gear For Fall And Winter

Keep your little one warm and cozy this cold season! Check out baby winter essentials in this video:

The cold weather can make it difficult for you to take your baby outside. But as a parent, it’s understandable if you can’t help letting your baby enjoy the fall and winter seasons. Just equip yourself with the above-mentioned baby gear, and you and your little one will do just fine and be shiver-free!

What’s your ultimate must-have baby gear for the cold season? Let us know in the comments section!

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