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Christmas Gift Ideas For Dad

Check out these Christmas gift ideas for your friends who are dad’s or even your little one’s proud daddy!

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11 Baby Christmas Gift Ideas for Deserving Dads

1. Cozy Cover Premium Infant Car Seat Carrier Cover

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While mommas are always prepared, you can count on dad to forget a few things when they’re out and about with their new babies. That’s why the Premium Cozy Cover is perfect for new dads!

During winter time, dad may forget to put on extra layers or bring a blanket to keep their little ones warm. Now, he doesn’t have to worry. With the Premium Cozy Cover, his baby can stay warm and snug in their car seats without the extra layers and baggage.

Bonus: It comes in five different colors, and it’s machine washable!

2. LulaClips Magnetic Car Seat Clips

magnetic car seat clips | Christmas Gift Ideas For Dad
It’s always challenging to get your baby into a car seat. When you finally get them in, you have to struggle to pull the seat belt out from under them. And it gets even trickier when your baby is asleep. Help the new dad get his baby safely into the car seat by getting him LulaClips Magnetic Car Seat Clips for Christmas!

All he has to do is attach the clips on each side of the car seat to hold the seat belt in place. That should make it easier for him to strap his baby in. Dads will love this simple and ingenious solution that’ll help minimize the car seat drama!

3. LulaBloc Seatbelt Holder


Car safety is a top priority for dads. That’s why dads will appreciate the LulaBloc Seat Belt holder.

Seat belt buckles are notorious for disappearing on you. They flop all around or get hidden in the crevasses of the seat cushions. This nifty little block keeps the seat belt buckle in place and makes it readily accessible.

It’ll help dad easily fasten the car seat in place. For dads, there’s nothing cooler than a safe ride!

4. Cute Onesies

White Super Trouble Cute Onesies | Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad | baby first christmas gift
Why leave all the dress-up fun to mommy? New dads will get a kick out of dressing up their babies in funny statement onesies. These Super Trouble and Super Cute onesies are perfect for the superhero-loving dad!

Not only are you putting a smile on dad’s face with these onesies, but a portion of the proceeds from the sales will also go to a charity that helps make pregnancy and childbirth safer for women in third world countries. Talk about win-win!

Christmas Gifts for Dads with a 3-6-Month-Old Baby

5. Quimby Coat

Fury Quimby Coat | Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad | baby first christmas gift
The Quimby Coat is a great stocking stuffer for new dads. Most jackets and blankets create gaps in between your child and the seatbelt. These gaps make the seat belt less effective during accidents.

But let’s face it, undressing a baby when you’re on the go can be challenging, especially when your car is parked out in the cold. The Quimby Coat solves all of these problems.

It’s safe to keep on your baby even when they are in the car seat. It meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 213, and it’s crash tested. Dads will love how much easier it’ll be to go out with a baby wearing the Quimby Coat!

6. Nespresso Machine


Just when you think your baby can sleep through the night, the 4th and 5th month sleep regression hits. And just like that, you’re back to square one. Don’t we just love dads who give up a good night’s sleep alongside mommies to care for their babies?

Help the sleep-deprived dad function throughout the day by getting him a Nespresso! It’s never been easier to make a good cup of coffee at home. And surely, mommy will enjoy it too!

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Christmas Gifts for Dads with a 6-9-Month-Old Baby

7. Cozy Cover Easy Seat

Baby Cozy Cover Easy Seat | Christmas Gift Ideas For Dad | baby first christmas gift ideas
At six months, babies reach an exciting milestone: solids! When babies start taking in solids, they go from cooing in the playpen or stroller during mealtimes to joining the family at the table.

Unfortunately, not all establishments have high chairs. When that happens, parents end up juggling the baby in between bites of their meal.

That makes the Cozy Cover Easy Seat the perfect gift for dads with 6-9-month-old babies! With this award-winning product, dads can now safely turn any chair into a high chair.

And the best part about it is that it folds up nicely and fits easily into any diaper bag. If you don’t end up getting this for dad, you may want to add this item to your list of baby first Christmas gift ideas.

8. Diaper Backpack


Make it less embarrassing for dads to carry around their baby’s gear by getting them a Diaper Backpack! Traditionally, most diaper bags have been designed with moms in mind.

Thankfully, there are now many stylish, uni-sex diaper bags on the market. Dads definitely won’t mind carrying around the LagunaTide Diaper Backpack. It’s so nice, even momma might want to borrow it!

Christmas Gifts for Dads with a 9-12-Month-Old Baby

9. The EZPeez Potty Training Seat


At 12 months, parents can start potty training their budding toddlers. Certain potty training equipment can make going to the bathroom less convenient for other family members. Imagine having to move things around in the midst of a bathroom emergency.

That’s why dads will love the EZPeez Potty Training Seat for Christmas. The EZPeez looks like a regular toilet seat, but with a push of a button, it converts into a toddler-sized seat.

When the toddler is finished doing his/her business, the seat can be reverted back into a regular adult-sized toilet seat. Going to the bathroom will be a breeze for the toddler and dad!

10. Dad-Themed Books

There are countless benefits gained from reading to your toddler. Help make read-out-loud activities fun for the new dad by gifting him with dad-themed children’s books. Ahmet Zappa’s Because I’m Your Dad is a wonderful book that showcases the special bond between a father and his kids.

If you’re looking for something that’s more appropriate for the holiday’s, Liz Climo’s Rory the Dinosaur Needs a Christmas Tree is a heartwarming story about a father’s attempt to fulfill his son’s Christmas wish.

Dads will love reading these books out loud to their toddlers. And they may just shed a tear or two!

11. Mini Balance Bike

Blue Mini Balance Bike for Kids | Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad | baby first christmas gift
The MotoTod Mini Balance Bike is a perfect gift for active dads. This mini balance bike works perfectly as a walking aid for eager walkers.

Toddlers can use the mini balance bike as support while they cruise around freely in open spaces. Dads will surely get a kick from watching their little daredevils zoom past them!

Check these must-have Christmas gift ideas for new dads in this video from Cute Ideas TV:

YouTube video

The holidays are a great opportunity to encourage and celebrate new dads. Believe it or not, dads can enjoy new baby gear just as much as moms do!

So, let’s not forget about them when we’re shopping for Christmas. Hope our list of baby Christmas gift ideas will make shopping easier for you!

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Do you have a unique Christmas gift idea for new dads? Let us know in the comments section!

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