How to Keep Your Family Happy When the Weather is Not Delightful

Are you and your family feeling the winter blues lately? Well,  let’s talk about how to keep your family happy now that it’s cold outside and you may be feeling cooped up. Even here where I am in California we are feeling a little blah because our normally sunny weather has been replaced with a lot of storms. 

I decided that the best cure for these winter blues was a family night where we could be together and have a good time even if we are inside more than usual. What better on a family night than a pizza from Pizza Hut? So one night we got a delicious Pizza and my daughter enjoyed some of her favorite juice drinks. She enjoys drinking these Fruit Shoot drinks. They come in a few different flavors. 

I love to get pizza from Pizza Hut because I really support their literacy program. If you follow my blog regularly you know that I am a big fan of reading and so are they. So if I can enjoy something my family loves while at the same time supporting a cause I believe in that is the best situation.

So now with our meal ready and taken care of it was time to have some fun and what better way to have fun together as a family than by playing a game. We got this Monopoly game a few months ago and play it all the time. I’m not usually a big board game player but this one is a lot of fun and we love it. As you can see in the pictures above my daughter Isabella was ready for a night of fun. 

I think when it comes to having fun as a family it is best to keep it simple and focus on getting everyone food and planning a fun and simple activity like a game night. When the weather is better you’ll have more options on how to keep your family happy but if your weather is bad than try games and crafts or a movie night.

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