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13 Best Baby Shower Gifts

Looking for baby shower gifts? We’ve got 13 awesome ideas for you right here!

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13 Best Baby Shower Gifts Parents Will Surely Love

1. Changing Pad

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A changing pad can transform any area into a diaper station. Choose a portable one that comes with a bag so it can be easily carried around when going out or traveling. Put in some diapers and wipes to complete the set.

2. Baby Shower Gift Basket

One thoughtful baby shower present is a gift basket filled with newborn necessities like diapers, wipes, burp cloths, and more. For fun, you can also choose a theme like “Day at the Beach” and fill the basket with beach essentials like swim diapers and sunscreen.

3. Portable High Chair

A portable high chair makes feeding time easier anywhere. It’s the perfect present for parents who are always on the go or for those who simply don’t want to keep a bulky high chair in the house.

Pick a portable high chair that is lightweight and easy to use like the Cozy Cover Easy Seat. New parents will surely love it!

4. Crocheted Blanket

Show off your creative skills with a handmade gift like a crocheted blanket. This gift is useful when the baby is sleeping or resting.

If you have time, you can also make one for mom and dad, too. These blankets will be useful for many years and can even be family heirlooms.

5. Memory Book

Keeping a baby memory book is a special way to record milestones in a baby’s life. Choose one with plenty of space for writing and adding pictures. Better yet, give a blank scrapbook and throw in some art materials like brush pens, washi tape, and patterned paper.

Once the baby is all grown up, the family will surely love looking back at this keepsake.

6. Diaper Bag

Choose a spacious bag with lots of easy-to-access compartments and stroller attachments. As for the style, you can never go wrong with something classic and versatile.

7. Personalized Baby Shower Gift

A personal touch always makes a gift memorable. A cuddly toy or a onesie with the baby’s name stitched or embroidered is one great idea to personalize a baby shower gift.

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8. Baby Carrier or Sling

A baby carrier or sling comes in handy when parents are moving around and need to keep their hands free. For the baby, it can also be cozy and relaxing.

When choosing a carrier, consider versatility, durability, and comfort. It should be comfortable for both the parent and the baby and should be sturdy enough to carry a child securely.

9. Portable Play Mat

This is a great gift for families who like spending time outdoors or traveling. A portable play mat keeps babies busy and entertained even when they are not at home.

10. Bath Time Essentials

Bath time products like soaps, shampoos, and lotions are always well-received baby shower gifts. You can also go the extra mile by purchasing a baby bathtub or assembling a gift basket filled with goodies like a rubber duck, baby towels, and a bath mat.

11. Stroller and Car Seat Accessories

Strollers and car seats are expensive gift options, so why not buy some accessories instead? Stroller covers, cup holders, hand muffs, and organizers are just some stroller accessories parents will appreciate. Or if you prefer, you can get an infant car seat carrier cover instead.

12. Baby-Proofing Products

There are different kinds of baby-proofing items a new family needs. Furniture corner cushions, drawer and door locks, and baby gates are practical gifts that will surely be useful for moms and dads to be.

13. Gifts for Mom

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Moms deserve a gift, too, especially towards the end of their pregnancy when they are experiencing tremendous changes in their bodies.

Consider giving the mom-to-be a well-deserved treat like a couple of gift certificates to a spa or her favorite clothing store. Soft pajamas or a robe and some scented candles will surely be appreciated as well.

Here is a step-by-step instructional video on how to create awesome baby shower presents. Watch this video from 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY to find awesome DIY baby shower gifts that will save you a fortune:

YouTube video

These are 13 baby shower gifts that new parents will really love. These items are neither fancy nor expensive, but they are practical gifts that will greatly be appreciated by new parents. Have fun shopping!

Do you have more baby shower gift ideas? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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