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21 Unique Baby Shower Themes For Boys

Looking for some cool ideas for baby shower themes for boys? If you’re having a tough time deciding, here are some ideas to help you get started. There are a variety of things you can get inspiration from for the theme, such as movies, sports, and pop culture. Thematic baby showers require a bit more work compared to a regular shower because of all the details that go into it, but it’ll all be worth it when you see how awesome everything looks at the party. Happy planning!

Baby Shower Themes for Boys We Love

1. Star Wars Theme


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How freaking cool is this party theme! Go all out with your Star Wars love for you and your baby boy (or girl, I mean come, Star Wars is for everyone to nerd out). The black color scheme may be a bit unconventional for a baby shower that’s normally doused in baby blues and pinks, but that makes it even better. This theme is great for those who think outside the box, and have a few Star Wars paraphernalia around the house to show off.

2. Superheroes Unite


The era of amazing superhero movies has arrived and it makes a great baby shower theme! Introduce your little boy early on to the superheroes he’s bound to love when he grows up. Get your guests to wear costumes or superhero-themed shirts and get the party started!

3. Go Great Gatsby


Give your little gentleman a classy baby shower with a Great Gatsby theme! It’s vintage and sophisticated and you’ll have lots of fun creating the decors and food. It doesn’t have to be a totally formal event because it’s a baby shower after all. Make it cute yet classy by serving chocolates and marshmallows like canapes or juice in wine glasses.

4. Dr. Seuss Party

When your little boy arrives, you’re probably going to want to read him Dr. Seuss books! But while he’s still in your tummy, why not throw a Dr. Seuss Party to prepare for his arrival? Illustrations in Dr. Seuss’ books are creative and colorful and you should definitely draw inspiration from them for the party’s decor!

5. Popeye the Party Man


Why throw an ordinary sailor party when you can throw one with a Popeye theme? The classic cartoon will definitely bring you and your guests into nostalgia as you fill your house with memories of the spinach-eating sailor we all love! Get your guests to come in their sailor hats and serve good ol’ spinach for authentic Popeye feels!

6. NBA Playoffs Party


Watching basketball is probably going to be one of the bonding moments between your little one and his daddy. Start warming up your baby boy to basketball even while he’s still in your tummy! Let people come in their favorite player’s jersey. And if you happen to be giving birth near the finals, have a blast and do a viewing party of the game!

7. Pacman Party


Another theme that will bring you down memory lane is Pacman! Have a blast talking to your adult friends about how you used to love playing this simple but ultra fun game! The decors are also simple enough to do but will still be great to look at.

8. Mickey Mouse in the House


Disney is the stuff where dreams are made of and what better way to celebrate the start of your dream family than to bring out the cute mouse that represents it? Young and young at hearts all love Mickey and he’s definitely going to capture the hearts of guests of all ages in your party! Give out Mickey Mouse goody bags and have a nice game of Finding Mickey while you’re at it!

9. Little Prince’s Castle


The Little Prince is a book that touched the hearts of kids and adults alike. Welcome your own little prince by throwing him this unique-themed baby shower. Fill your room with roses, doodles, and anything that will make you feel like you’re inside the story.

10. Howdy! Cowboy Party!


Get your friends to put on their cowboy hats and head on over to your ranch – well, house! Send them a rolled up baby shower invitation similar to the ones you see in cowboy cartoons. The party will be loads of fun in this wild western shower!

11. Looney Tunes Layout


Eh, what’s up doc? Another classic cartoon your friends will love is the Looney Tunes gang! Reminisce about your own childhood as you welcome a child of your own. Load up on Bug Bunny Balloons, Tweety Bird tissues, Tazmanian Taz party hats and get the party started!

12. Into the Wild


Give your boy his first taste of the zoo by throwing this “wild” baby shower theme! Fill your loot bags with animal-inspired goodies. Take out the animal crackers to go with the chocolate fountain and drape your walls with trees and wildflowers. This Jungle adventure will be one to remember!

13. Circus Fun


The Greatest Showman reminded us of how fun circuses can be, and it’s time to bring that fun to the baby shower! Fill your house with colors and shiny objects and give your guests the feels. There’s a lot of room for creativity in this kind of baby shower.

14. Hot Air Balloon Blast


One of the more unique baby shower theme ideas around is a hot air balloon theme. You don’t necessarily have to get a hot air balloon for this party, don’t worry! But wouldn’t it be cute to have a hot air balloon in your invitations, food, and house decor?

15. Harry Potter House Party


When your kids are old enough to appreciate long stories, you’re going to want to tell him about the boy who lived. Harry Potter is loved by many and it’s something your kid should know growing up. Start giving him a glimpse of the wizarding world by throwing a Harry Potter house party! Write and design your invitation as if it’s their invitation to Hogwarts! Everyone’s been waiting for their letters after all!

16. Zebra in the House


This is something that’s so simple yet so cute! All you have to do is decorate your house and food with black and white stripes and you’ll have an Instagram worthy setup. It’s easy to do and your guests are sure to love it.

17. Game of Cribs


Just because Game of Thrones isn’t kid-friendly doesn’t mean you can’t consider it as a  baby shower theme idea. Put up a huge banner saying ‘Baby Boy is coming!’ You can also have a cake topper of a baby boy sitting in the Iron Throne! How cool is that?

18. Stork is Arriving


The Stork Arriving concept may be old but it certainly still has its charm. Decorate your wall with a big picture of a stork holding a baby in a blanket and fill the room with pastel colored decors and food. It’s simple to do but will still be deemed Instagram-worthy.

19. Little Pumpkin


If you’re giving birth sometime in October, then you can throw a Halloween party and baby shower in one! Let your guests come in pretty baby-oriented costumes and decorate the house with orange and black. Instead of a scary pumpkin carving, draw a cute smiling face on the pumpkin.

20. Rockin’ Rockstar


Some baby shower themes for boys are geared towards child-friendly inspirations, but this rockstar theme is both kid- and adult-friendly! If you and your spouse are huge fans of music, this is the theme for you. Get your guitars, drums, and other instruments and start rocking and rolling! You can play cool rock music while everyone is getting acquainted at the party.

21. Arcade Mania

If Pacman alone isn’t enough for you, then drive more routes towards memory lane and add more games! Bring in Mario, Street Fighters, Sonic, Pokemon, and the others! You’ll have more room for creativity for food and decors. Plus, if you actually have these video games, it would be great to let your guests play with them for that ultimate trip down memory lane.

For more baby shower ideas for boys, check out this video from Diy Express:

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We hope this guide on baby shower themes for boys has helped you get started on your baby shower planning. Your baby’s birth is an exciting thing and the excitement of waiting for him to arrive is best shared by celebrating with family and friends. If planning gets to be too much, remember: it’s just one day, but the life and love you’re celebrating will be with you forever, Mommy!

Do you have any suggestions for baby shower themes? Let us know in the comments section!

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