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18 Fun Games For Baby Shower That Moms And Guests Will Love

Help yourself to these fun games for baby shower ideas!

Games for Baby Shower Your Guests Will Love to Play


Fun Baby Shower Game Ideas 

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You and your guests will love these hilarious and unique baby shower games everyone will enjoy taking part in. No more wallflowers or staying on the sidelines with games your guests will be more than willing to be a part of.

These classic games with new twists will take your baby shower party to a whole new level of fun!

1. Diaper the Balloon

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Changing nappies is pretty easy right? Well, not if we do it old school. For this game, you will use cloth diapers and safety pins, with an inflated balloon as your baby.

Here’s another catch —you are going to do it blindfolded, too! The one who does it successfully and finishes first without popping the balloon is the winner!

2. My Water Broke Game



Playing the ‘My Water Broke’ game requires some preparation beforehand. You’ll need to freeze small plastic baby figurines in ice cube trays. Make sure to clean the figurines and use drinking water to make the ice.

Give each participant a cube of the baby ice. To play they must try to melt the ice to get the baby out without biting or breaking it. They can rub it between their hands, or they can blow on the ice.

This makes for a fun and exciting game that’s sure to bring out everyone’s competitive streak!

3. Baby Shower Bingo Game



Everyone can take part in this game, but you can only print out 20 different cards. You can print two or more sets for another round of players.

Don’t worry, this baby shower bingo game won’t take too long with fewer options. The first to fill in a diagonal, vertical, and horizontal line will yell “Bingo!” gets a prize.

4. Baby Shower Memory Game

Girl holding pen thinking something | Fun Games For Baby Shower That Moms And Guests Will Love

One of the more unique baby shower games, this memory game is a fun twist on the traditional memory game. Collect baby gear and items, or you can check the game here for the sample list.

Participants can check out the spread items for two minutes but are not allowed to take notes. Cover the table, then task the players to list all the items they remember. The one with the most items remembered will bring home the prize!

5. Sperm Cornhole



This ‘Sperm Cornhole’ baby shower game follows the traditional cornhole game.

You will have to bring out your DIY skills for this one because you have to make the sperm bean bag. You read it right, sperm, so play at your own risk. It’s a bit in-your-face, so prepare to answer your kid’s questions should they be around.

6. The Rice Baby Shower Pins Game


For those who like to keep the games wholesome, this game is for you. It’s a simple item search game.

Mix some safety pins with a bag of rice. Contestants will be blindfolded, then they will take turns pulling out as many pins from the bag of rice with one scoop. Count the pins, then put them back to the bag of rice for the next contestant.

The one with the most pins wins!

7. Bottles Up Baby Shower Game

Of course, a baby will lose no time guzzling down a fresh bottle of milk. It’s a different story for adults though, and that is where it gets interesting.

For this baby shower game, all you need are baby bottles filled with any drink you wish. Contestants will line up and race to empty the contents.

First to finish is the winner!

Note: Buy the cheapest baby bottles for this game to stay in your budget.

8. Pin the Sperm on the Uterus


Give the classic ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ a whole new twist. This is one of the risque baby shower games your adult guests are sure to have fun with.

Play this game at your own risk if you have kids present. That is, if you can’t handle a barrage of questions.

You can print a drawing of a uterus or if you have the knack for art, draw it yourself. The idea of the game is for the blindfolded participants to successfully pin sperm cut-outs inside the uterus.

9. Pregnant Daddy


This is a super hilarious baby shower game with daddies as the participants. Participating daddies should be wearing sneakers with shoelaces untied too. Each daddy will place a balloon under their shirts then sit down.

It will be funny to see them try to sit down and stand up, like pregnant moms about to pop do. This is where it gets even funnier. Daddies need to try to tie their shoes without popping the balloon.

The first to finish gets the prize!

10. Play Dough Baby


This one is a creative contest artsy moms and kids are sure to love. Find out who among your guests are savvy play dough artists. Give each contestant enough to work with to make a cute baby figure.

To pick the winner, guests can vote which play dough baby figures they love best.

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11. Clothesline Game



This is an interesting game for either mommy or daddy, or especially daddy.

Participants will hold their phone on one ear, then hold a broom on the other or any house cleaning tools. They will try to hang as many clothes as they can on a clothesline in a given period of time.

Of course, the one who hangs the most clothing items without dropping the phone or the broomstick is the winner!

12. Baby Relay


This baby shower game needs a spacious area to move around. It’s the same relay and obstacle course game we all loved to play as kids.

The special twist to this game is for the participant to carry with them a baby doll. They mustn’t drop the baby as they try to get to the finish line first.

13. Who’s Watching the Baby Game

Four teddy bears sitting in chairs | Fun Games For Baby Shower That Moms And Guests Will Love

You will need small baby toys for this baby shower game. Present each guest with a small baby toy which they must carry with them at all times.

Anyone can pick baby toys left unattended. The participant with the most baby toys with them at the end of the shower wins!

14. Baby Charades


This classic will never get old. It is also an adaptable game with different ways to play. For your baby shower, think of songs or movie titles with the word ‘baby’ in it for the participants to guess. Movie and song buffs are sure to be excited about this one.

15. Feeding Time Game

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No, this is not exactly an all you can eat buffet, but instead a tremendously fun game. This is a partner game your guests will also love.

One of the partners will be blindfolded while the other’s hands are tied behind their backs. The blindfolded partner will try to feed the other with baby food.

Sounds pretty simple and easy, right? Well, try getting the baby food exactly into your partner’s mouth with your partner’s probably laughing.

16. Guess the Baby Items


After a few exciting games, this game can give your party guests some time to cool down, since this can be played while sitting down.

Stuff a diaper bag with some essential and inexpensive baby items like diapers, toilet paper, a baby bottle, etc. Give your guests pen and paper, then have them feel into the bag without peeking inside.

They will have to guess what’s inside the bag through only their sense of touch. The guest with the most correct answers wins the game.

17. Dirty Diaper


Get a little dirty even before the baby arrives with this game! It’ll surely bring laughs (and maybe some squeals) to your baby shower.

Stuff different kinds of chocolate bars in diapers, wrap them up, and have your guests guess what brand they are by sniffing, touching, and licking the contents! Make sure you have all kinds of consistencies to make it more fun: creamy, gooey, nutty, and chunky.

Whoever guesses the correct brand the fastest wins. Or, you can set a timer for everyone and let everyone give their best guess at the end of the game.

18. Sketch the Baby

Bring out the inner artists in your friends and family with this hilarious game! This is a simple game but with a funny twist your guests will love!

Give each participant a white paper plate and a marker and ask them to draw what your bundle of joy will look like. Not so fast, though. They have to do this while the paper plate is on the top of their head.

Whoever has the best drawing will win.


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You don’t have to look further for fun games for baby shower ideas. These games should cover them. All you have to worry now are the prizes! Your guests will want to join in and win for sure.

Have a great time planning your baby shower!

Which of these games for baby showers will you play? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!

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