Baby Beds | What To Look For In A Sleeper | baby crib sets

Baby Beds | What To Look For In A Sleeper

Pick the perfect kind or kinds of baby beds for your bundle of joy with this baby sleeper guide!

Baby Beds Shopping Guide: Tips For Buying A Sleeper

1. Types Of Baby Beds Or Sleeper

Types Of Baby Beds Or Sleeper | Baby Beds | What To Look For In A Sleeper | baby crib sets

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Identify your needs when picking the right baby bed or sleeper. Are you breastfeeding? Then a co-sleeper might be in order. You can also pick a bed for night sleeping and a rocker cradle for day sleeping.

  • Standard cribs are traditional baby sleepers and they can be versatile
  • Convertible cribs or cot beds are practical for bed conversion
  • Oval or round baby cribs are unconventional crib designs
  • Rocker cradles help lull babies to sleep with gentle rocking motions
  • Moses baskets or carry-cradles feature handles for carrying the sleeper around
  • Bassinets are suitable for babies from birth to about four months old
  • Portable or mini cribs are both great when you’re often mobile at home or when traveling
  • Canopy cribs are not only fancy, they are also practical for repelling mosquitoes or other insects
  • Co-Sleepers or bedside cribs are convenient for breastfeeding moms

2. Key Features

These features are essential for your baby’s safety. They also make your job as a mommy easier. For cradles or rockers, these are the important features:

  • Ease in assembling and portability
  • Sturdy and well-built support structure
  • Swing with lock options
  • Safety features
  • Firm and snug bedding

As for cots or cribs for babies, these are the essential features:

  • Durable mattress support
  • Adjustable mattress height and quality mattress material
  • Childproof release mechanism
  • Rolling casters with locking mechanism
  • Standard frame size for cribs

3. Design

The color and aesthetic are of less importance. But most moms like making their crib the focal point of the baby room or nursery design. Some like it fancy and they go for unconventional designs like an oval crib. It’s really your choice, and there are plenty designs out there, but make sure none of the accessories pose hazards to your baby. Other moms also find out how simpler and standard the crib design is, the better and more versatile it is.

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4. Quality

Durability is one of the measures of a quality baby bed. Try to find out what material the baby sleeper is made of. Cribs made from hardwood are more expensive, but softwood also makes good quality cribs. Give the crib a good shake to check for stability. Make sure it doesn’t wobble or shake. Stability is another measure of quality.

5. Space-Saving Features

Many parents with limited space may opt for portable or mini cribs. Portable cribs come in collapsible or foldable designs. It’s up to you to decide, only remember, safety comes first. Some cribs also have bottom drawers. Check the material if it holds up well.

6. Versatility

When picking a baby bed, look to the future. Your baby will be using a crib for around two years, but you can extend that with a convertible crib. Make sure the bed conversion kit is complete and easy to accomplish. A convertible crib will come in handy when transitioning your baby from a baby to a toddler bed.

7. Price

Baby sleepers come in a wide range of prices, from cheap to super expensive. Though we only want the best for our babies, the price tag should not determine that. Determine your price point instead. From there, you can limit your options and work your way through the style, brand, and other important features.

8. Safety Features

Safety Features | Baby Beds | What To Look For In A Sleeper | baby crib sets

Picking a baby sleeper is a matter of preference, but safety is the first concern. When it comes to cribs, avoid drop sides. They were banned since 2011 since movable railings pose serious hazards to infants. Pick a single drop gate, instead. Many newer cribs offer so many so-called safety devices which are unnecessary in safe and well-built cribs. Read all about the product before purchasing, especially their safety precautions. Also, research if the same product had been recalled in the past for safety issues or faulty construction.

9. Brand

As if picking the right kind of baby sleeper isn’t hard enough, dozens of competing brands will fight for your attention. But this isn’t a bad thing at all. In fact, healthy competition allows companies to provide the best price and service for you. Good brand reputations are also most often even synonymous with quality. Here are some of the most popular brands for baby beds and sleepers.

  • Target Baby Bed Set
  • Pottery Barn Baby Bedding Sets
  • Sweet Jojo Designs Baby Beds
  • Big Oshi Baby Cot
  • Babyletto Hudson Crib
  • Delta Children Crib
  • Stork Craft Crib
  • Babies R Us Cribs
  • Kohls Cribs
  • Buy Buy Baby Bed Sets
  • Bath And Beyond Baby Bed Sets

Now you know what to look for in a baby bed, finding the best crib mattress for your baby is the next priority. Find out how in this video from Simply Baby furniture:

YouTube video

From a convertible crib and a cot bed to rocking cradles and bassinets, baby beds come in many different forms. Picking which of these baby beds is right for your baby and you becomes a daunting task.

This shopping guide and tips will help you pick the perfect baby beds for your bundle of joy.

Take your time when picking baby beds. You will have a lot of it while waiting for the big day! You will also have a lot of fun picking one out. Shopping for your baby needs, especially baby furniture sets, will help you cope with your pregnancy and be more excited about it!

How are you doing with your baby bed shopping? We’d be delighted to hear all about it in the comments section below!

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