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Best Baby Sunscreen | Sun Protection For Your Infant

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Today’s parents are more conscious about the best baby sunscreen because they’re more aware of sun exposure harming their kids. Their fears aren’t unfounded, since copious amounts of UVA rays and UVB rays exposure can cause skin cancer.

If you’re anxious about taking your child outside because of the harsh sunlight, worry not. There are kids’ sunscreen options in sunscreen spray or lotion SPF form out on the market, which other parents have tried and tested.

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The Most Sought After Best Baby Sunscreen By Parents

1. Trukid Sunny Days

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When you’re living a healthy lifestyle, chemical sunscreens are out of the question. Fortunately, there’s Trukid Sunny Days, a gluten-free SPF 30+ sunscreen that provides broad-spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Trukid works as a physical sunscreen, creating an eczema-safe protective layer on your child’s sensitive skin.

2. Episencial Sunny Sunscreen


Looking for a natural sunscreen that is safe for your baby but is smoother to slather than other sunscreen creams? This brand is the one for you. Made of 10% titanium oxide and 4% zinc oxide, this sunscreen also works to provide a physical layer that blocks out the sun and covers the skin from harmful rays.

For extra sun protection for your little one you can try this cozy carrier cover not only will it protect your baby from harsh sunlight but it will also keep the bugs out whenever your outside.

3. La Roche-Posay Anthelios Dermo-Kids


Kids are squeamish about sunscreen and with good reason – some of the broad spectrum sunscreens out there are too thick and therefore icky to the skin. La Roche-Posay, in its quest to develop a safe sunscreen kids will love, developed Dermo-Kids with the help of dermatologists. This sunscreen SPF 60 works wonders on a child’s sensitive skin thanks to La Roche-Posay’s thermal spring water – a branded face mist fortified with Selenium for better skin.

4. Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen


From sunny Australia comes one of the best sunscreen products for children: Blue Lizard. This sunscreen is paraben-free, fragrance-free, and its formulation is so gentle that it doesn’t irritate the skin. It is one of the most cost-effective, quality sunscreens in the market that parents love and recommend to their friends. When something is effective in the Outback like Blue Lizard, then it’s a potent protection for your children in this part of the hemisphere.

5. Thinkbaby Sunscreen

Thinksport Sunscreen’s baby brand, Thinkbaby Sunscreen’s gentle formulation protects against UV rays without irritating children’s sensitive skin. It is gentle enough that people with facial eczema can apply it on their skin without worry. Aside from protecting the skin, Thinkbaby also moisturizes a child’s skin so it’s not dry after wading all day in the waters and in the glow of the afternoon sun.

6. Badger Baby Sunscreen

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Badger Baby Sunscreen has an SPF of 30+ and received a good rating from the Environmental Working Group. This super safe sunscreen has a certified base of organic ingredients like beeswax, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, and extra-virgin olive oil. Parents who prefer to live an organic lifestyle approve of Badger Baby Sunscreen and recommend it to other parents.

7. Aveeno Baby Sunscreen

This mineral sunscreen provides continuous protection for a baby’s sensitive skin. It is water-resistant and it provides SPF 50+ coverage against the sun for 80 minutes. Aveeno Baby Sunscreen contains ingredients specially formulated by dermatologists so it provides little to no effect on the skin. Parents attest to its gentle but protective touch on their children.

8. Tom’s of Maine Baby Sunscreen

Tom’s of Maine created this safe and non-allergenic SPF 30+ sunscreen for kids. It doesn’t contain harsh chemicals which cause rashes. This sunscreen lotion’s decidedly non-greasy formula is easy to apply on your baby’s skin. Aside from being grease-free, it is also fragrance-free, so there are no nasty smells which your kid will dislike. This natural sunscreen leaves the skin supple to the touch.

9. Banana Boat Baby Sunscreen

This baby sunscreen covers the baby visibly like a lotion in order to ensure no patch of skin is vulnerable to harmful UV rays. Its gentle ingredients do not irritate the eyes and sting the skin. Banana Boat Baby Sunscreen has been clinically tested by dermatologists to ensure it fits a child’s skin profile perfectly.

Here are some tips from St. Louis Children’s Hospital on how to apply sunscreen on children:

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These are the most sought-after sunscreen lotion by parents on the Internet for their children. It is no wonder since these sunscreen sprays or lotions contain only the best and natural active ingredients. Children can now bask in the sun safe and protected without dryness or burns ruining their fun.

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