Week Three of Pregnancy


Week 3 Of Your Baby’s Development!

You’re officially pregnant!

Week 3 is a happening week for your baby.  In fact, this is the time when you can ‘officially’ say that you are pregnant.

It is around 7 days after conception and this is the stage where the blastocyst or fertilized egg, develops its very own ‘shield’ to keep other sperm out of the way. At this stage, your baby is still just a cluster of cells about the size of a pencil tip.

The cells are dividing and multiplying busily day and night. Some of these cells will go on to become the placenta and others the embryo. At this point, your body begins to produce the pregnancy hormones, progesterone and estrogen to nourish the baby.

A quick point: if two eggs have been fertilized by two of your partner’s sperms, you are carrying fraternal (non- identical) twins. If one egg is fertilized and it later splits into two, you have identical twins.

Week Three of Pregnancy

Week 3 Of Your Health, Mind & Body Changes!

Although research indicates that the hormonal changes attributable to pregnancy are not likely to be making themselves evident just yet, many women state that they ‘felt’ their pregnancy by this time. An increased sense of smell is also a commonly reported ‘sign’ letting women know that they are pregnant. Some of the signs that women have mentioned include a strange, different taste, a feeling that something has changed.

One of the most significant things that happen during this stage is the production of human chorionic gonadotrophin hormone or hCG. hCG prevents your ovaries from producing more eggs and it stops your periods to ensure that your uterine lining is not shed every month. If you take a pregnancy test now, you may be able to see a positive result. If the test is not positive, don’t panic, just try a few days later.

Headaches, dizziness, exhaustion and moodiness are all common symptoms of early pregnancy during this stage.

Week Three of Pregnancy

Week 3 Of Your Next Steps!

  • Eat a balanced diet which will help ensure you get adequate vitamins and minerals such as folate, vitamin C, protein, iron and calcium, in particular.

    A balanced diet would consist of loads of vegetables (particularly leafy greens), wholegrain carbohydrates, legumes and beans, low fat minimally processed dairy, lean protein such as poultry, meat, pork, seafood (safe options during pregnancy only) and healthy fat sources like olive oil and avocado. Of course, balance also includes having treats too!

  • Gargle with salt water to get rid of the ‘funny’ taste in your mouth and sip citrus drinks to wash the taste off

  • Get enough rest and also ensure that you get enough fresh air and regular exercise. Overall fitness is beneficial for a healthy, successful pregnancy. Continue what you are doing at this stage if already active, or talk to your doctor about safe physical activity suitable for your circumstances.
  • This is when you start avoiding x-rays because they are harmful for your baby, so if you require any tests, let the physician know that you are (or may be) pregnant

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