Week Eleven Of Pregnancy


Week 11 Of Your Baby’s Development!

Your baby is the size of a fig

Your baby is growing really fast and may even be flipping, stretching limbs out and somersaulting inside your uterus but despite all this kickboxing, you still cannot feel what she is doing. Something else your baby can now do which you will not feel for some time yet, is hiccuping, as her diaphragm is starting to function and she practices inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid. This amphibian like quality will of course end once she takes her first breath of air, earth side.

At about 1.5 inches long she is nearly fully formed, although still tiny in size – about the size of a fig. Tooth buds are continuing to form and a few bones are hardening already. Nasal passages, the tongue and palate are all in place now.

You’ll notice on your upcoming scan your baby’s head seems large compared to her body…that’s because it’s still making up more than 50% of your baby’s total size. While this may make your baby look like more of a caricature right now, it will even out as she continues to grow.

Week Eleven Of Pregnancy

Week 11 Of Your Health, Mind & Body Changes

The good news is that some expectant mums may be feeling less nauseous now and also a lot more keen to do things because energy levels have picked up. Most mums however may find it’s not until 12-14 weeks that the morning sickness subsides.

Unfortunately constipation does continue at this stage so stick to that fiber rich diet full of fruit, wholegrains and vegetables. Don’t skimp on the H20 either, even though you might be feeling like you’re spending half the day in the bathroom!

Try this: If your nausea and food aversions are making it difficult to eat healthily (particularly enough fiber rich foods) you may want to look at taking a fiber supplement (check it’s safe during pregnancy first) or even blending up fiber rich foods in smoothies to get a boost that way.

Another unpleasant side effect that may rear it’s ugly head is heartburn, which can happen due to the hormonal changes you are going through and later, the additional pressure from your uterus pressing up on your organs. Small frequent meals can help manage this as can certain medications if you’re suffering from severe heartburn.

A frequent urge to urinate, tender breasts, dizziness and food cravings are all pesky and quite normal symptoms during this stage.

Some expectant mums may delight in starting to notice a change in their lower belly protruding out. While it may look more like a food baby at this stage, starting to notice a ‘bump’ can be very exciting. Don’t despair if your stomach feels as though it’s staying flat as a tack forever. Every woman is different and so many factors contribute to how much and when you start to ‘show’. Contrary to past myths, it really has little to do with the size if your baby.

Week Eleven Of Pregnancy

Week 11 Of Your Next Steps!

  • ‘Eating for two’ – Over the first trimester you should be gaining about 1 to 5 pounds ideally but the constant vomiting and nausea may have made it impossible for you to eat much, so sometimes you may even lose weight. As soon as you’re physically able, try to focus on nutrient dense, healthy foods which will support healthy growth in your baby and healthy weight gain over the course of your pregnancy.
  • Did you know how much weight gain is considered healthy and safe for you during your pregnancy will be determined by your pre-pregnancy weight? If your doctor has any concerns about your rate of weight gain they will address it with you. However, if you’re unsure or require extra advice chat to them about some helpful strategies moving forward. They may even refer you on to a Nutritionist or Dietician.
  • Healthy eating tip – carrying healthy snacks with you such as fruit, nut bars, wholegrain crackers and a bottle of water will stave of hunger and prevent you from reaching for unhealthy options.
  • Food Safety – When it comes to food safety, raw or undercooked meat and seafood is best avoided because bacterial or parasitic infections can harm the baby. It’s a lot to take in, so recap on the ‘foods to avoid during pregnancy’ if you have forgotten
  • Let’s get physical – Keep exercising normally (light activity may actually even help with your energy levels and nausea) and ask your doctor before you take up any new strenuous activities like dancing or aerobics as its generally advised to avoid any extreme new exercise routines at this stage.


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