Week Fourteen Of Pregnancy


Week 14 Of Your Baby’s Development!

Your baby is the size of a lemon

Baby is now the size of a lemon and he is moving about quite incessantly now although you may still not be feeling it, especially if your placenta is anterior. They are still quite gentle and smooth movements rather than the jerky kicks and twists of the last trimester. Baby’s neck is longer now and within your uterus, he is looking more upright than before.

His hair is starting to grow and so are his eyebrows. The roof of his mouth is forming now and the intestines are kicking into work mode, producing meconium (baby’s version of poo). Don’t worry, this is not excreted until baby is born, or sometimes during labour if baby is distressed.

Week Fourteen Of Pregnancy
Medically accurate 3D illustration of a 14 week fetus.

Week Fourteen Of Pregnancy

Week 14 Of Your Health, Mind & Body Changes

The second trimester is in swing and this is probably a phase you have been looking forward to. Most women tend to feel more energized and less nauseated during this stage (as your baby is not yet big enough to cause much discomfort) so this often referred to as the best phase of your pregnancy. If you are still vomiting for no reason at all, don’t worry that something is wrong. A number of women can’t seem to get rid of their morning sickness or it may just be that you’ve got a few weeks of it left.

Breast tenderness may be a thing of the past now and your your baby bump is likely starting to show at this point. Every woman is unique in this area so you may or may not need to run out and start shopping for maternity wear. The frequent urge to urinate is less as well so life is a lot simpler now. Expect to feel tired and hungry at times when your body is telling you that it is still working around the clock making your baby. Your uterus is shifting into your abdominal area and out of the pelvic region now.

One of the new aches you may be feeling now is one in your lower abdomen. This can either be a dull pain or a sudden, sharp pull. This happens because the ligaments supporting your uterus are under considerable strain now and when you suddenly change position you add to this strain, causing a twinge.

Week Fourteen Of Pregnancy

Week 14 Of Your Next Steps!

  • You are likely to be feeling far more energetic now than you have so far during your pregnancy. For Moms-to-be who have had a hard first trimester that prevented them from exercising, this is the chance to catch up with your regular fitness (doctor approved) activities. Swimming and walking are perfect for pregnant moms and they give you whole body exercise that is great for your overall fitness too.
  • Enjoy the nausea free period while you can with some hard core shopping for your maternity wear, even if you are not showing enough to need some.
  •  Varicose veins are common during this stage and to deal with them, put up your feet and relax when you have been walking or standing around for too long.

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