Week Thirteen Of Pregnancy


Week 13 Of Your Baby’s Development!

Your baby is the size of a pea pod

As you move into the second trimester, an interesting development this week is the formation of fingerprints on your little one’s fingertips. Until now, baby’s body was disproportionately small compared to the head but now this is beginning to change. At about three inches long he weighs about an ounce now – similar to the size of a pea-pod. The vocal chords are beginning to develop too but you can’t hear any sounds yet – you will hear her loud and clear when she is born!

In her arms and legs, the tiny bones are being formed now and soon baby may be able to actually put her thumb in her mouth. Another significant change this week is that baby’s intestines are moving to their permanent spot inside her body. The placenta is still growing at a fast pace now, baby’s life line for the rest of your pregnancy.

Depending on wether or not your placenta is anterior or posterior, may influence if you feel baby’s movements earlier or later, although the position makes no difference as far as your baby’s concerned. If it’s anterior (meaning your baby sits behind it), you may feel the movements later as it acts as a cushion between your belly and your baby.

Week Thirteen Of Pregnancy

Week 13 Of Your Health, Mind & Body Changes

As the second trimester is starting you are most likely now comfortable with the thought of being a Mom soon. Much of the anxiety that you felt in the first month, about doing stuff that could harm baby is probably gone, now that you are getting into the swing of things.

As as a precursor to this ‘easy’ stage of pregnancy, this week is usually the one when you realize that your nausea seems to be dissipating if not, gone. However, there are Moms- to- be who still have their nausea and breast tenderness intact even at this stage and this is normal too.

You are less likely to be feeling depressed and melancholy although mood swings will still get you down at times. Unfortunately the bloating, headaches and constipation may be with you for some time yet.

You’ll be gearing up for your first trimester screen if you have not yet had it, as week 13 marks the last week to get this test done accurately. Try to keep nerves at bay by distracting yourself. Chances are everything with be just fine – and this is a very exciting scan – you get to see your little baby graduate from a jelly bean to an an actual human looking baby with arms and legs moving around inside you.

“ I found out at my first trimester screen that my placenta was anterior – so I impatiently waited a bit longer till I felt baby kick – about 20 weeks for me.“  Sarah

Week Thirteen Of Pregnancy

Week 13 Of Your Next Steps!

  • At this stage, your risk of miscarriage is substantially lower but that does not mean you can start rock climbing again. Keep activities to the same as previous and do ask your doctor if you want to start a new activity that might be stressful,  strenuous or put your baby at risk. Got something pre-booked? Save the adventurous activities like hot air ballooning and white water rafting for after baby is born.
  • The meaning behind ‘eating for two’ during pregnancy has long been misconstrued. When people tell you to ‘eat for two’ they do not mean that you should eat double the amount of food you usually do, rather, they mean you should eat more nutritious food. Really, the amount of extra calories required at this stage of the pregnancy is equivalent to an additional snack per day.
  • A balanced diet rich in wholegrains, lean protein, unprocessed/plain dairy products (and their substitutes) as well as fresh fruits and vegetables is ideal. Nutrients of importance right now include protein, iron and calcium and of course, always fiber.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and cool. Wear clothes that do not restrict your pregnant belly because this can increase your feeling of bloating and fullness and just generally make you uncomfortable.

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