Preschooler Window Display 

Boredom Buster: Window Display And Art

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 11:33 pm

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Stuck Indoors?

Me too.

Being stuck indoors lately with only a few neighborhood walks can get old really fast. 

Especially when you walk by the same houses everyday. So it’s been great to see some neighbors and friends breaking up the monotony by decorating their windows.

It’s an activity that can be done from toddler/preschooler level to adults. 

It can be crafty, beautiful, meaningful, uplifting or funny. 

Our Display: Preschooler Window Display 

We decided to make a little Easter Window display using my preschooler’s stuffed animals and a painting we were gifted for Easter.

I was inspired by the neighborhoods who are doing “bear walks” and took it a step further and brought out even more kinds of stuffed animals.

This took no time to set up and since my daughter isn’t really into big art projects a display was the perfect window decorating for us. 

We have been playing with it all day. 

Her animals take turns looking outside – So she takes a few down and replaces them with new ones.  (And sometimes she doesn’t replace them so I sneak some back up there now and then)

Sometimes they get “tired” and she puts them down for naps.

And I will be getting in on the fun by changing up the headgear.  

As I mentioned above, these displays can be done by anyone! Below are some of my favorites from friends and the online community with my tips on how you can do something similar.   

I’d love to see your displays and art! Tag me on Instagram @mominthesix

Heart Window Art: Sending Love From Our Hearts To Yours

My family friend, Nina, is a talented photographer (check her out here) with an eye for beauty. 

Her family created this beautiful heart artwork in her front window to spread love in her neighborhood.

Window Art: Our Greatest Glory

I came across this gem on Instagram and loved the messages of hope.  Pick your favorite quote and use some window friendly paint.

Window Art: Rainbows

Rainbows have become a symbol during this crisis and are easy enough to make for any age.  You can also decorate your driveway or sidewalk with rainbows using chalk.

Window Art: Thank You to Front Line Workers

Showing your appreciation to those who risk their lives for others is a great learning activity for kids and a therapeutic one for adults.

Boredom Buster:  Window Displays & Art

If you’re looking for a creative outlet or to brighten up your windows during this time, window displays and art are a great option.  

Remember to tag me if you create one too!

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