Baby Brain Boosting Activity: Grocery Shopping

Last updated on June 28th, 2022 at 01:28 am

This post turns a typically mundane weekly activity into a brain boosting stimulating event for your baby. Baby Activity suggestions for babies 0-12 months. 

Those first few trips to the grocery store with your little one can be a challenge.  You’re nervous about bringing them anywhere when they are that small. But as they grow up and start to become more aware you can take the opportunity to help them learn and boost their brain connections. 

Play I-Spy – baby activity 0-12 months

It’s time to mix up your grocery shopping trips with your little one.  Some very smart people (neuroscientists) did a study and determined that playing a version of I spy in the grocery store boosts early brain connections and will help your baby develop a stronger brain

So the next time you walk through the fresh fruit and veg section of the supermarket with your little, one slow down and take your time and boost their little brains. For example say, “Look at the Green Broccoli” while holding the broccoli up. “Do you see the yellow lemons”, etc.  It is never too early to do this one.

Sing a song – baby activity 3 months +

My sister in law shared this one with me.


Going to the supermarket,

Shopping for food,

I have a great big belly and

I’m in the mood for ______

Fill in the blank and pick up the food and show it to the baby at the same time.  Music is so great for babies and singing will help get their attention.

Smell the Roses – baby activity 0-6 months

I have recommended an at home version of this previously, but you can also do this baby activity at the grocery store.  Stop in the flower department and point out the different colors, flower variety and let your baby smell the flowers.

Bring a bouquet home and let them enjoy all week.

Review the Flyer – 3+ months

Before you even leave for the store go through the flyers and point out the different items.

Flyers can be so colorful and are full of pictures. Make sure you use descriptive words again – “we need to buy yellow bananas” while you point at the image.

Bonus Ideas:

  • Stop by the lobster tank if your store has one and let them watch them move around
  • Play with temperature – let them touch cool food vs room temperature
  • Grab a balloon and tie to the stroller or shopping cart and let your baby watch it bounce around or let them play with it while you are on a longer trip

Sometimes we can rush through our day to day errands, but if we look at it as a learning experience for our babies it will become more enjoyable for both of you. Happy shopping..

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